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How To Do A Burpee…



Find out about the one exercise that I can’t live without… no gym or equipment required!

If I told you that there’s a workout I have started doing in place of a whole hour of cardio, would you believe me?
When I first heard about this workout, I heard tales of crazy cross-fit extremists doing these until they threw up…
But these exercises are so appealing because they give you a full-body workout and are believed to burn 50% MORE calories than a regular strength-training workout!
So what did I do?  Naturally – I tried it for myself!
Oh, boy – has it changed my life!

The Best Full-Body Workout I’ve Ever Done…

This workout is called none other than the ‘Burpee’.
Burpees are:

  • Equipment-free
  • Full-Body workout
  • Cardiovascular
  • Strengthening

They  target the muscles in your upper arms, chest, hamstrings, abs, and thighs.  WHOA!
Burpees are also known as ‘squat thrusts’.
And let me tell you – they’re incredibly difficult…. and REALLY fun!
Regularly people ask me how I get my strong arms and toned legs.
And because approximately 25% of my workouts are sets of this tough little oddly-named exercise, I thought I’d share it with you today!
When I first started doing burpees, I’d do one minute of burpees at a comfortable pace and then rest for one minute.
Perhaps I’d do 3 sets.
Now I’ve worked up to a full 100 burpees in about 12 minutes.  Generally I do them in sets of 15 or 20.
And then I’m done.
Just 12 minutes of burpees has replaced an entire hour of running in my workout routine!

How To Do A Burpee…

I hate reading descriptions of workouts, so here’s a cool little sketch tutorial I created for you:


1.  First, start in a standing position with your feet shoulder-width apart.
2.  Next, drop to a squatting position with each of your hands on the ground.
3.  Now kick your feet backwards and lower yourself to the ground to a pushup position, but don’t push back up.
4.  Now kick your feet back into the squatting position while your arms are straightened out.
5.  Jump as high as you can.  Then return to standing position for step 1 again.
** WARNING: Burpees are a really intense workout that you should work up to slowly and carefully!

Three Best Burpee Alternatives…

You may not be ready in either muscle strength or cardio strength for a burpee.
But that’s okay!
Here are three things you can do to work up to them…

1.  Squats



Stand with feet shoulder-width apart and bend your knees until your seat is nearly at the height of your heels.
This is a great exercise to tone your thighs and butt.
Start by trying to do 10 squats per day and work yourself up to as many as 100 or more!
I try to do squats twice per week on days I don’t jog or run.

2.  Pushups



I truly have some of the strongest arms of any gal I know.
My secret?
Almost every day I do 40 pushups before I leave the house for a social event or for work.
Originally this started as a way to pump me up because of my social anxiety.
Now it has become a healthy practice I use to stay in tip-top shape!
Start with 10 per day and work up to a number that feels good for you.
I do pushups at least 3 days per week and am complimented almost daily on my incredibly fit arms.  People are shocked when they find out that I haven’t used an exercise machine since high school!

3.  Box Jumps


Box Jumps

Box jumps burn tons of calories and make your legs super strong.
If you don’t have gym access, you can use steps, playgrounds, park benches, or other stable objects you find around the garage or house.
Plus, box jumps help you strengthen your hips, which will help you avoid hip problems when you get older.
What’s more, they make you feel like a little kid again – they’re really fun!

How To Take Burpees To The Next Level…

In a few weeks, Okuma will host our very first Slimming Tea Challenge.
We’re going to have a special Members-Only website, exercise guides, cooking guides with recipes, and more.
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We know that the Slimming Tea boosts metabolism and helps people not only look great, but feel great.
These exercises can burn calories like crazy.
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