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How to Cut Calories from Your Pizza

Love sinking your teeth into that yummy pizza, but your weight loss diet doesn’t allow it?
It doesn’t have to be so. Just making a few changes can keep you from blowing away an entire day’s calorie at the pizzeria.
Here is what you should do to cut calories from your pizza…

    • Don’t Be Too Cheesy: Typically a slice of hand tossed cheese pizza will pack about 220 calories. Just ask for a half cheese pizza when you order. This will save about 50 calories from each slice and reduce the saturated fat content by almost a third. You will be surprised by the amount of cheese still left in your pizza even after slicing away half the cheese. If, however, you love the cheese too much to cut it in half, you could opt for partly skimmed cheese rather than whole fat cheese. Some pizzerias may use a sprinkling of feta as a substitute for regular cheese, which lowers the calorie count. If you are one of those who don’t mind going without cheese, order a no cheese pizza and then dust the slices lightly with grated Parmesan cheese.
    • Meat Matters: Usually any type of meat topping will add about 40 calories to each slice. While you might just love pepperoni, keep in mind that this topping packs in 130 calories in an ounce. Typically, one slice of pepperoni pizza will contain around 200 to 250 calories. Instead of pepperoni, try out chorizo, which will cut down the calorie count by 20 per serving while you enjoy the smoky hot flavor. Canadian bacon is another great choice, as it cuts 80 calories per ounce. Ground turkey breast or extra lean ground beef are also good substitutes for high calorie meat toppings.
    • Try Vegetables: Grab a bowl of vegetable soup or any other broth based soup for starters before you have your pizza. Salads are also a good option before having the pizza to curb your appetite. Veggie toppings like tomatoes, green peppers and onions instead of meats also work great as they are more filling, have more antioxidants and cut more calories.

Keep these tips in mind the next time you hit the pizza joint and you won’t have to worry about going off the weight loss diet.