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How to Control Weight Gain Associated with Aging

Once you cross the 40 mark, you tend to gain weight and the weight that you gain with age is difficult to get rid of. So, it is important to become a little more conscious and take necessary precautions as we age.
Let us first understand the factors responsible for weight gain as we age.
Reduced Testosterone or Estrogen: Aging leads to a lack in the testosterone hormone in men with the result that their metabolic rate declines and they lose lean muscle tissues. They will burn fewer calories than before due to reduced metabolism resulting in fat accumulation and, ultimately, weight gain. In case of women, it is the estrogen hormone that falls in intensity leading to a decline in metabolism and an increase in weight.
Lack of Activity: At a young age, we usually indulge in more physical activity than as we grow older. Due to this, our muscle mass decreases and we put on weight.
Body Process: As we age, the process that our bodies work in slows down. Due to this, the body’s ability to burn fat keeps declining.
Tips to Keep Weight Gain with Age in Control
Here are some tips to check the weight that you gain with age:
Increase Physical Activity: There are many ways to get involved in increased physical activities. Exercising, especially in the morning, is one of the best. Since the body may not necessarily supply as much energy as it used to when you were young, the exercise regimen and types must be decided keeping that in mind. You can also take a long stroll in the park in the evening, join dance classes or walk instead of traveling by car. Increased physical activity means high metabolism and muscle building, resulting in preventing fat accumulation.
Stop Dieting: Dieting to lose weight with growing age is not a good option. This actually works against your weight loss goals and makes you put on more weight. So, it is better to keep your diet healthy and ensure that it includes a good quantity of fruits, vegetables, juices, nuts and fiber.
Protein Diet: With rising age, our digestive system tends to slow down, making it difficult to digest a high protein diet. However, this does not mean that you stop consuming protein, as it helps build muscles. Make sure to exercise regularly to keep your digestive system up and running.
Calories: Try to ensure that your calorie intake does not exceed or fall below the standard required level of 1,200 calories a day.You can also join a community working towards the same aim to stay motivated in your weight loss goals.