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How to Beat Sugar Addiction

beat sugar addiction

Image thanks to APM Alex

If your anything like me, you love your sweets.
Whether it’s indulging in dessert after a meal (crème brulee is my weakness), being tempted by chocolate, or indulging in that box of donuts at work, sweet treats can be hard to avoid.
The problem is that all of the sweet and overly processed foods have led a lot of us into a sugar “habit” that can be very hard to break. This can be unhealthy for your waistline and your teeth, but may also contribute to type 2 diabetes, stroke, and dementia.
The following are some tips to help you break free from sugar…

Don’t quit cold turkey:

As with any other healthy change you try to make, giving everything up all at once will often backfire. Instead, start to set some limits for yourself and stick with them.

Indulge a little:

Craving your late night ice cream fix? Allow yourself to have some, but don’t carry the pint around with you. Put a small portion into a bowl and savor it. Same goes for dessert when you are dining out. Try ordering only one dessert and sharing it with others. You still get to enjoy something sweet, but won’t overdo it.

Find a healthy option:

Rather than keeping your cupboards (or your freezer) stocked with unhealthy sweets, try to find healthy substitutes. Try keeping your favorite flavor of Greek yogurt around (you can even freeze it into decadent pops), and be sure to keep lots of fresh fruit on hand.

Get to know stevia:

Stevia is an herb that is naturally sweeter than sugar. It has no calories and can be used in almost any way that sugar can. It is also readily available in both health food stores and major grocery chains.  Rather than using potentially toxic artificial sweeteners, I highly recommend trying stevia.

Learn to say no:

Sweet treats are around us all of the time, but don’t forget that you have control over what you eat. It is perfectly okay to say no to that huge piece of cake on your coworker’s birthday (and you will feel better about it afterwards).

Don’t skip meals:

Skipping meals leads to low blood sugar and, in turn, more intense food cravings. If you skip breakfast or lunch, you are far more likely to give into to unhealthy cravings later on. Be sure to eat regular and balanced meals, and keep yourself armed with healthy snacks.