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How Cheat Meals Can Help You LOSE Weight

It’s Not Cheating If You Play By THESE Rules…

We all do it.  And if you’re anything like me, it usually happens on the weekends…
I’m talking about “cheating”. Not cheating on your partner – cheating on your weight loss plan.
Perhaps it’s ice cream, pasta alfredo from your favorite Italian restaurant, or – as my husband and I discovered last night- the warm comfort and joy of a buttery homemade chicken pot pie.
Well I’m here to put the myth of cheating to bed.  That’s right – you can still eat delicious, rich, fatty and salty foods and lose weight.  I did it, and so can you.
Here are my top 4 tips to beat the ‘cheat’ food guilt and weight gain…

1.  Reframe Your Brain…

Cheating is the act of dishonesty in order to get ahead in a game.  Cheating on your weight loss plan implies that you are cheating your body in the game of health.
Instead of looking at cheating as a negative thing, look at your overindulgence as a well-deserved treat. Or even a reward!
That’s right, take the word “cheating” out of your vocabulary.  Right now.
You are more powerful than the foods you eat.  They do not control you.  So don’t give them names like ‘mistress’ or ‘cheat foods’.  Rather call them treats, or even indulgences.  Calling them cheat foods elevates them too much in your mind.
Once you take the power away from your bagel and cream cheese or ice cream sundae, you can set new rules for the game.

Here are a few of the ‘rules’ I set in my own personal “health game”.

  1. Enjoy ice cream periodically, but never eat the low-fat kind.  It’s usually full of sugar – which is much worse for your body than fat from cream.  I try to stick to organic, full-fat, low sugar ice cream when I choose to reward myself with a dessert treat.
  2. Go ahead and have a pasta meal, but stick to gluten-free quinoa pasta, or replace noodles with zucchini noodles, sweet potato noodles, or another delicious noodle alternative that doesn’t have carbs, nor gluten.  Now I can enjoy rich, meaty, hearty tomato sauce without the extra empty calories and carbs from pasta!
  3. Keep salty snack hacks on-hand.  I am a sucker for popcorn, beef jerky, and mixed nuts.  But instead of microwave popcorn (eew!  read about how terrible microwave popcorn is here.), roasted nuts, or processed nitrate-ridden beef jerky, I get jerky from US Wellness Meats that’s free from chemicals and stick to raw nuts.  Periodically I’ll spray a bit of oil on them and some salt if I’m really having a salty snack attack.  But by eliminating the processed foods from my plan, my snack attack is much healthier!

2.  Don’t Panic!

This is one of the most important things you can learn: when you cheat, don’t panic!    First of all, you aren’t likely going to gain weight from a single fattening meal or one night of too much wine.
…But the stress you put on your body will cause you to store fat and spike cortisol levels!  Healthy eating is a marathon, not a sprint.
And a healthy lifestyle is NOT a diet – your goal is to live healthy for the rest of your life.   The problem with a diet is that you restrict things that you love and live a life of denial.   Instead of living in constant denial, allow yourself little rewards along the way.  This way you will NEVER diet, but you will ALWAYS live a balanced life with a few indulgences along the way!
Perhaps you know you’re going to indulge tonight.  Work out a little harder this afternoon and tomorrow morning switch the bacon and eggs and toast for a detoxifying green juice and cup of Slimming Tea.   Slimming Tea’s powerful antioxidants will help you get back on your track to health in no time!  <<<SAVE $10 on Slimming Tea Capsules TODAY!<<<<<<
Now that you have a plan, and you’re in control, you can enjoy your night and eliminate stress.  Moreover, the panic that accompanies the myth of cheating causes people to toy around with unhealthy behaviors – such as starving themselves as a punishment, purging food, or even unhealthy exercise habits to ‘counteract’ the food.
Remember that you would need to eat an additional 3,500 calories to gain 1 pound of body fat.  It’s very unlikely that you will gain a single pound off of one cheat meal or a couple glasses of wine.

3.  Beware of the “Domino” Effect…

Stressing about your extra slice of pecan pie will more likely lead to weight gain than the actual calories in the pie.    But there is another sneaky problem with your guilt-trips, ‘cheating’ mentality, or panic attacks.
They’re not FAIR to you.  You are so incredible and your choice to watch what you eat and drink to live a longer, happier, healthier life is marvelous.  Congratulations to you!
But when your mind tells you that you’re fat, that you’re wrong, that you’re out of control; you manifest that negativity into your eating plan.  And you keep blowing your diet.
Nobody is perfect all the time.  So each time you indulge, look at the next time you’re hungry as a way to get back on track.  Keep your favorite healthy treat in the house – a cup of cherries (which are very low glycemic!) or endive slathered in organic hummus.  And by all means – don’t Domino with MORE sugary or carb-laden calories!

4.  Suppress Your Appetite Naturally…

If you overdid the carbs and sugar last night, today you can get back on track very easily. Simply take one Slimming Tea Capsule before breakfast, and another before lunch.
Slimming Tea capsules help regulate insulin levels and suppress your craving for additional sugary, carb-laden, or grain-based foods.
The average American eats approximately 570 MORE calories than they did in the 1970’s according to the US Dept. of Agriculture and the CDC.
But did you know that Slimming Tea capsules help your body burn up to 523 MORE calories every single day?
They’re twice as powerful as Slimming Tea, but they still have less than 65% the caffeine of a cup of coffee!
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And this weekend – don’t succumb to guilt and panic.  Know that YOU are in control of your life and your body.  And sometimes, you deserve a little treat, without feeling like you’re ‘cheating’ yourself.  Now go out there and ‘treat’ yourself smart!
Capsules are 100% Slimming Tea in concentrated form.  They’re more than 5 TIMES as powerful as green tea!  (And they’re really easy to keep in your bag at all times!)
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