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Move Over "Joe"… There's A New Sheriff In Town

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The era of coffee-infused drinks, desserts, and even steak rubs is moving over for a super-hot new food trend: tea.
Tea has been a beverage of choice since at least before the time of Confucius – more than 2,500 years ago!
In the West, the British adopted tea as their own National Beverage shortly after it was brought over to them in the 17th century by a foreign queen.
And now, according to NPR, 2014 is a resurgence for tea like no other since these monumental times in history.
Thanks to mainstream health consciousness, people’s minds and tastes are moving back to one of history’s most celebrated, delicious, nutritious, and fundamental health drinks: tea.
And lucky for us, this is one food trend that doesn’t just taste great; but helps you lose weight as well!


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Weird New Ways People Are Using Tea…

There are six types of teas which all derive from the same plant: camellia sinensis.  White, Yellow, Green, Pu-erh, Black, and Oolong are the six primary strains of tea.
Teas range from smoky to flowery, strong and creamy.
That’s one of the reasons that you’re now seeing a hot new food trend of tea used in some pretty unique ways.
One hot new food trend that is less of a ‘stretch’ for tea is tea “beer”.  That’s right, tea-infused beer.
Milwaukee Brewing Co. has created a wheat beer made with tea.  And Red Brick Brewing uses tea in a new stout beer.
If you haven’t yet conquered your at-home brew mastery; try using tea as a marinade to tenderize meat as well as infuse tea’s incredible florals or smokiness into your meal..
Tea is also fantastic when used in soup stocks and broths
Many are even grinding it into a powder to use as a seasoning on potatoes, rice, or as a steak-rub.
Tea is also a delicious addition to cocktails, ice cubes, or even infused in your favorite alcohol.
Try infusing vodka if you’re looking to up the game of your alcoholic Arnold Palmers…
Or infuse bourbon with tea for 24 hours if you’re feeling particularly brave.  This makes a delicious floral-flavored Pisco when you use Wu-Long tea in your bourbon.
People are even using tea in ice creams, cookies, cakes, and muffins.  Sweet!


Don’t just drink your tea hot.

Infuse lemonade, juice, or even alcoholic cocktails with

Fat-Blasting Wu-Long!


4 Reasons To Hop On This Hot New Food Trend…

The best way to use this hot new food trend in 2014 is with the world’s best tea: Wu-Long.
Here are 4 reasons why…

1.  Wu-Long’s flavor is a perfect compliment to foods without overwhelming them.

Wu-Long tea has a delicious, delicate, floral note.
Wu-Long is mild and doesn’t have an extremely smoky or heavily-“roasted” flavor like many black and green teas.
This makes it perfect for infusing into drinks, baking cookies with, or even for marinating your favorite cut of steak.

2.  Wu-Long is Easy To Use In Food and Beverage Preparation

Wu-Long tea is best when steeped 4-5 minutes.
Before cooking with Wu-Long, it’s best to steep it and then allow it to cool.
One of the biggest mistakes people make when cooking with tea is to over-steep it.
However, with Wu-Long’s mild flavor – you aren’t going to taste the tea as much as the subtle, floral notes; and you certainly won’t get a bitter, over-roasted earth aftertaste with Wu-Long!
You’re gonna love the taste of Wu-Long – order yours TODAY!

3.  Use High-Quality Tea To Create The Most Delicious Meals

Any decent chef will tell you that if a wine isn’t good enough to drink, it isn’t good enough to cook with.
Along the same line, most teas sold online or in grocery stores are NOT high quality.
You will often find tea bags contain pesticides, fluoride, and other chemicals.  Eew!
And you’ll find even more often that commercial teas themselves contain artificial coloring, flavors, and other additives that aren’t even tea at all!
Wu-Long, however, comes from high in the Wuyi Mountains on a UNESCO heritage site.
We here at Okuma have tested Wu-Long for chemicals, pesticides, and other foreign elements and have certified, third-party labs make sure that before it hits your cup…
… It’s 100% pure Wu-Long with no traceable chemicals, elements, nor pesticides.

4.  Wu-Long Oxidizes Fat In Your Body

Take your next low-cal or weight-loss meal and REV up the fat-burning potential with Wu-Long!
Wu-Long Tea has shown up to a 12% increase in fat oxidation over a 24-hour period.
It raises metabolism, assists with digestion and breaking down fat in the body… and can help the average person burn up to 240 MORE calories per day.
Because of Wu-Long’s high polyphenols, it helps to dissolve body fat while promoting better organ, skin, teeth and bone health.


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Stay Tuned…
Because the rest of this week we’ll be composing a 4-Course Meal together using Wu-Long Slimming Tea!
See you tomorrow for our first course!