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History of Wu Long Tea

Wu Long Tea History

History of Wu Long Tea
Wu Long Tea is simply another name for Oolong tea, or Wu-Long, or even Black Dragon tea. Over time the names have changed, but the tea remains the same. Whatever name you wish to call it, the tea has incredible taste and even more incredible health benefits.
The history of Wu Long tea tells the tale of a Chinese fisherman, named Wu Liang, who, after picking tea one day crossed paths with a very healthy deer. Knowing not to pass up a great opportunity for food, he dropped his tea pickings and took off after the deer in hot pursuit. By the time he captured the deer and returned home to prep the food he had completely forgotten about his tea pickings.
It wasn’t until several days later that he remembered and returned to get his tea pickings. The tea had molted a bit, changing color and took on a particular odor, but being a frugal fisherman he still took it home and prepped it for drinking.
What Wu Liang had stumbled upon is the recipe for making Oolong tea. Delaying the processing and letting the tea ferment longer gives the tea a very characteristic and mellow taste. It proved to become so popular that his name was forever associated with the tea and eventually became the name for the tea.
What wasn’t discovered until 400 years later were all the health benefits of the tea.
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Want to learn more about the tea making process?
Follow the links to understand the process of oxidation and fermentation, and learn the best tea brewing tips for the perfect cup of tea.
Along with enjoying the rich fragrance and flavor of Wu-Long tea, find out about clinical and medical studies conducted to discover how tea’s antioxidants can provide many health benefits.
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