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Don't Believe The Hype: Tips For Healthy Weight Loss

healthy weight loss

Image thanks to Dan Zen

In this age of fad diets and “quick fixes” it can be more difficult than ever to make good decisions and find your way to healthy weight loss.
We are overwhelmed everyday with the newest fad or the latest greatest diet that is sure to help you drop those pounds.
Some of these are bad information, and a lot of them are downright ridiculous:
Ultimately, very few of these fads ever result in long-term weight loss, and many of them are actually unhealthy:
The real key to healthy weight loss is the same now as it has been from the beginning of time…it is ultimately a matter of balance.
In order to lose weight, we must balance the foods we consume with the energy that we expend.
Not every person is the same, and what works for you may be different from what works for someone else, but it will always come back to calories in versus calories out.
The key is to educate yourself. This doesn’t meaning listening to the diet gossip of coworkers or searching for the latest celebrity trend. Read about food. Learn about calories, nutrition, and healthy cooking. Find the physical activity that will engage you whether it involves a gym or a hike in the woods. Learn about making changes and sticking with them.
There are so many tools that can help you:
After you have informed yourself, don’t wait to begin your transformation. Do it for your yourself. Do it for your health.
Know that you have the power to take control and change your life…even if it is one small change at a time.