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I Just Ate The Best Meal Of My Life…

Filet mignon

Last night some friends took me out for what was literally the best meal of my entire life.

I enjoyed a rare (yes, I said rare) filet from an amazing chophouse in Dallas where my husband and I are on business.
It was that simple.  Grass fed beef and mushrooms.  No veggies, no salad… no appetizer.  Nothing green, leafy, juiced, dehydrated, or otherwise fitness-flared.
Now, I very, very rarely get steak…
When I do, I only want to eat grass-fed beef: hormone-free, super healthy, organic, no grains.
And at this delicious restaurant, I was able to enjoy beef from a local ranch here in Texas.

How To Find Delicious Grass-Fed Beef

It’s not hard to find grass fed beef.
Tons of farms and ranches sell their meat from “Grass-Fed Cows”.
I fall for it – and avoid any beef that isn’t labeled ‘grass-fed’.
But did you know that not all grass fed beef is being advertised properly?
I’ve been doing some digging, and I found out that while almost all cattle eat grass… not ALL cattle die on grass.
That’s right – some cattle eat grass and then die eating GRAINS.
That’s because the grains fatten up the cows and produce the marbled type beef that people just love.
So if you’re avoiding grains; avoid ‘fake’ grass fed beef.

Why Should You Choose “Grass-Fed” Beef?

There are numerous reasons why we should choose grass-fed beef.
Number one: it’s natural.
Cows really aren’t into grains.
As a matter of fact:  Grains Make Cows Sick.
That’s right…
Animals that are normally a healthy pH7 acidity drop to a deadly pH4 acidity because of the bacteria they eat due to grains.
In order to speed up the fattening of the cows, they’re administered hormones and antibiotics to keep them alive.
Just don’t eat sick cows, okay?

What Is “Real” Grass-Fed Beef?

Real “Grass-Fed Beef” is from a cow that’s fed exclusively on their mother’s milk and grass.    Period.
Milk and Grass.  Milk and Grass.  Simple as that.
Because grass-fed cows have a healthy pH7 balance in their bodies, they have a healthy fat balance of Omega-3’s and Omega-6 fatty acids.
Don’t eat grain-finished beef.
Humans… and even pets, live longer eating organic, free-range poultry and grass-fed, hormone-free beef.
In fact, this is where I go for all my GF beef, nitrate-free jerky, ground beef and bison, sausage, lamb, etc.
It’s US Wellness Meats – the prices are awesome and you can do it all online!

Go HERE For All Your Meats, Not Just Grass-Fed Beef

US Wellness Meats is run by a 5th generation farmer, John Wood.
He grew up seeing cattle grass-fed, then confined and grain-fed for their final four months.
About 17 years ago, he began raising animals on a 100% forage diet and the taste was outstanding.
In North America, this was the traditional method until the 1950’s, when farmers took animals off of their natural diet and began using grain to fatten the animals up.
It’s no wonder with the unnatural farming methods, hormones, and GMO’s that our food is bigger, but not better!
For juicy, tender meats – go here and order these amazingly high-quality and delicious meats.
Seriously, my friend.
Go get yourself some quality meats.  They don’t just taste great, but get them because they are better for you.
Best yet, the best food you’ll ever taste is high in quality, but not necessarily high in price.
Go order your grass-fed beef, lamb, free-range poultry, bison, at stellar prices here.
Hi everybody!
It’s been a couple days since I asked my email newsletter subscribers to read this blog and the response has been incredible.
I try to answer EVERY email you send me…
Here’s a great one I replied to this morning.

From [customer]Hi,So, first I’d like to say, I enjoy your emails and educating myself with your knowledge. Second, in this message, I’m not claiming you to be a liar, but was just curious how we know who’s telling us the truth or not.So, are you saying all “grass-fed” labeled beef at any super market is not only grass fed? Just curious as to how we would know which are and which aren’t.Is US Wellness Meats the only company where one can purchase purely “grass-fed” beef? Or just one of the best? Also, how do we know their cows don’t die on grain like the others.I guess none of us would really know unless we watched the cow we purchase grow, eat and harvest before our eyes.Curiously,
[customer name] 


3:36 pm (1 day ago)

[Dearest Wu-Long Slimming Tea Enthusiast],
Thanks for the great questions!
“You are what you eat” applies to cows”… as well as humans!
The reason we use US Wellness Meats is because we are actually certain they use 100% live and die on grass cows.
(You’ll see that they don’t have high enough yield to even keep stocked with most of their basic items!)
They aren’t the highest “Yield” grass-fed farm – but they are very high quality.
All cows start out on the pasture – drinking mother’s milk and eating grass.
But even ‘grass-fed’ cows are often brought indoors to fatten up on grain and receive antibiotics.
Not to mention that the grain most very likely contains GMO’s.
If you’re looking for grass-fed beef – make sure it’s *100%* Grass-Fed from cradle to grave, so to speak.
Or 100% Grass Fed “until the cow goes to pasture”… err… well you get the point.
Look for the term “grass-finished” or “100% pasture-raised” as well.
This term refers to what the animal actually EATS, as opposed to “free-range”, which means that the animal spends part of it’s days outdoors.
Thanks for the great question, [customer]!
I’m glad I could answer it for you.
_ Stephanie_
And another thing…
I only make *pennies* for every hundred bucks customers spend with US Wellness Meats.
In fact I wrote the email long before I had an affiliate relationship with them.
My good friend Ashley told me that I might as well make the $40.00 or so on the backend if I recommend them.
But I don’t recommend US Wellness Meats for any money that I could make, that’s for sure!!
I just wanted to make sure I recommended something I actually eat at home!