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What’s REALLY In Your Tea?!


I recently spoke with the founder of Glaucus Research Group and was sickened about what I learned… especially because I have devoted my life to health-regenerating tea products that are pesticide-free.
However, perhaps like you, I even I used to drink a different “grocery store” tea for everything.
If I felt a cold coming I’d drink one tea… if I needed to go to the bathroom I’d drink another… I even had a tea that I used when I felt like I was retaining water.
But not all teas are created equal – in fact you may be drinking tea that is chock full of pesticides, fake ingredients, flavoring, GMO’s, and even fertility-sabotaging chemicals!
Read on to find out about what I learned after this eye-opening conversation…

Grocery Store Tea May Be VERY Toxic

So I recently sat down with the founder of Glaucus Research Group, who has done extensive third-party analysis on several tea companies.
(You can find links to their incredible studies at https://glaucusresearch.com/consumer-watchdog-reports/.)
To my horror, Glaucus found that 91 percent of one very popular tea – Celestial Seasonings- had pesticide residues exceeding U.S. limits.
Most tea isn’t even washed before it’s put into bags; meaning all those icky pesticides are disseminated from the tea leaves straight into your body when you drink it.
Moreover, when you boil the tea, some nasty chemicals can even become MORE potent than if you ingested them without boiling.
And boiling these chemicals is precisely what we do to drink tea!
Glaucus Research Group even found that Celestial Seasonings contained the nasty carcinogen propachlor in it’s child’s “Sleepytime Kids” tea!

High End Teas May Be Even WORSE Than Cheap, Grocery Store Teas…

But Celestial Seasonings isn’t exactly a ‘fancy’ tea.  You may even expect that it isn’t the highest quality, correct?
But you would, however, expect that a high-end, high-priced tea like Teavana would be okay…
Sadly, you’d be grossly mistaken, even misled.
You see, Teavana has trained employess to claim that their tea is healthy, organic, and superior tea.
However, Glaucus found that one of their most popular teas contained 23 different pesticides!
In fact, 77% of the teas tested would fail E.U. pesticide import standards, and 62% contained a pesticide called endosulfan; which has been banned in 144 countries because it may harm fertility, or even babies in the womb!

What About Toxic Packaging?!

You may think that the quality of the product is consistent with it’s packaging…
Like those fancy, silky, pyramid-shaped tea bags that just look so darn appealing.
BEWARE: many of these bags aren’t made of silk… they’re made of *plastic*.
Trickster marketers brand these teas as being in ‘silky sachets’.
Sadly, this misleads customers into steeping polylactic acid into their teas, which is a corn-based material that is most likely made with GMO’s.

The (Very) Good News…

After speaking with the founder of Glaucus research and reading some of their third-party research, I was horrified.
I immediately went to a research facility and had Okuma’s Wu-Long tea re-tested for ANY pesticides or any chemicals that could be named.
As always – our tea is so pure that when tested for pesticides, chemicals, or any other non-tea compounds: we received a beautiful, clean bill of health (with ZERO named foreign elements in our tea).
Okuma’s Wu-Long tea is grown high in the mountaintops of China’s Anxi Province.
Without steeping cancer-causing chemicals into your body… Wu-Long has the power to:

  • Reduce chronic bodily conditions such as heart disease and inflammatory disorders
  • Provide vital antioxidants
  • Reduce high cholesterol levels
  • Promotes superior bone structure
  • Give you healthy, glowing skin and teeth.

Don’t drink ANYTHING but the BEST.
Drink Okuma’s rare, pure, medicinal-grade Oolong tea.

The “Smart” Choice

Did you know that your body can retain toxins in your blood and fat cells that can make you overweight… and even damage your brain health?!
These brain toxins are called “neurotoxins”.
But as a third party lab JUST re-confirmed: our Wu-Long tea is CLEAR of these and other nasty chemical invaders.
That’s right; and drinking pure, non-toxic Wu-Long is a great way to detoxify your body.
And if you’re looking to steadily burn more fat every single day, Wu-Long oxidizes up to 12% more fat in a 24-hour period.
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