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How To Get Rid of Cellulite Fast

The Formation of Cellulite
Cottage Cheese.  Dimples.  Orange Peels.
Cellulite is a source of pain for men and women – whether or not you’re ‘skinny’.
Because skinny people get these unsightly bumps on their rumps, it has been said that cellulite is genetic.
However, with the right resources, you can get rid of cellulite fast and feel confident in your bikini body in no time.

What is Cellulite and How Can I Get Rid Of Cellulite Fast?

You can get rid of cellulite fast by knowing what it is and how to combat it.
First of all, cellulite can hit men or women of any age; although it’s most prevalent in women.
In fact, the Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology claims that cellulite occurs in up to 90% of post-pubescent women. 
Cellulite is believed to be hormonal; and it doesn’t affect very many men.
But in those men who do have cellulite, it is commonly those with androgen-deficiency… or low-Testosterone.
So, NO.  Cellulite is NOT just a blight on fat women.
It effects men and women, fat or skinny.
It is the result of herniated subcutaneous fat (UNDER your skin) within fibrous connective tissue that looks like dimples, cottage cheese, nodularity, or even ‘orange peels’ ON your skin.
So what can you do about cellulite?
As it turns out, a LOT!
Here are six ways you can get rid of cellulite fast.

1.  Eat More Fat

That’s right; eat MORE fat.  But eat the right kinds of fat.
I’m not talking about corn and canola oils, or fried foods.
You can restore your skin’s connective tissues by eating healthy fats, like Omega-3 rich fatty acids, which are essential for healthy skin.
Make lots of bone broth soup – or go out more often for Pho, a delicious Vietnamese soup that is usually simmering for 60-72 hours before serving.
When you consume the cellulose from bones in the soup, it helps restore connective tissues in your body.
Olives, nuts, avocadoes, and fish are also great fats that keep your skin toned and healthy – which reduces appearance of cellulite.

2.  Avoid The WRONG Fats

There are foods that may be linked to MORE cellulite.
Sugary foods and foods with unhealthy fats will cause you to retain water and look like you have MORE cellulite.
Here are foods you should avoid if you want to get rid of cellulite fast:
·      Fried Foods
·      Processed foods like pretzels, chips, and cookies
·      Foods with high sodium, especially canned soups and salad dressing or tomato pastes and sauces that have high salt AND high sugar.
·      Sugary foods like cookies, candies, sodas
·      Alcohol and sugary juice
You should also avoid high-carb or high-sugar diets – which don’t satiate you and cause your insulin to spike.
Eating high-carb and high-sugar diets causes you to keep eating even when you’re full.
Insulin resistance is linked to weight gain and Type II diabetes.

3.  Hit The Gym – NOT The Trails?!

Many people think that because it involves extended periods of grueling activity, cardio training is the best for getting rid of cellulite fast.
This is not the case.
In fact, weight training is much more advantageous for getting rid of cellulite fast.
Unlike cardio, weight training tones the muscles under your skin.
This tightens up your skin, which causes the cellulite to become less evident.
Some of the best weight training you can do is squats, lunges, planks, weight lifting, and high intensity interval training.
High intensity interval training will make your thighs and butt look smoother over time.
High intensity exercises like sprinting on the ground, bike, or treadmill are the best exercises for reducing cellulite.

4.  Eat Clean and Green

You know that eating your vegetables helps you feel full and lose weight fast?
But did you know that eating healthy fruits and veggies also can help you get rid of cellulite?
That’s because fruits and veggies have high water content.
They keep you hydrated, which reduces the appearance of cellulite on your skin.
And the BEST way to consume your veggies is by eating them raw.
Raw vegetables are the MOST nutrient dense.
They’re also packed with antioxidants, and water.
Try making a raw broccoli and carrot salad, or make a raw coleslaw with raw cashew dressing; you’ll be getting raw vegetables AND healthy fats that reduce cellulite fast.


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5.  Drink More Water

When you’re hydrated, your skin appears fresh.
It can even lessen the appearance of cellulite!
Not a fan of water?
Wu-Long tea BLASTS fat away… and you can drink one whole liter per day!
Unlike other teas, Wu-Long has very low caffeine content – so it gives you a steady little boost of energy all day without the caffeine crashes.
Drinking Wu-Long first thing in the morning before you eat is AMAZING to boost metabolism and lose weight.
Also, it helps with mental clarity AND digestion.
Whether or not you are a “morning person”, Wu-Long is the perfect way to begin your day and hydrate your body to get rid of cellulite fast.


If detoxification seems like some mystical voodooword to you: here’s an easy definition of detoxification.
Detoxification is simply the cleansing of impurities, or toxins, from your body.
Detoxing gets rid of toxins, which helps protect you from disease, lose weight, get rid of stomach fat, and reduce cellulite.
When you detox, you aren’t just purifying the blood and liver… you’re actually helping your body get rid of impurities that are stored in your fat cells.  Eew!
You can get rid of cellulite fast just by detoxing, because when you’re full of toxins, it significantly slows down your metabolism.
When your metabolism is sluggish; your body is sluggish.
You don’t digest food AND you don’t fight diseases as well.
Not to mention that toxic bodies are often fat bodies.
When you’re detoxing regularly, your blood, kidneys, intestines, lungs, lymph, and skin all look, and FEEL their best.

A Drink That Reduces Cellulite

One of the BEST ways to detox is with Wu-Long Tea.
That’s right; Wu-Long is packed with cleansing polyphenols that help you get rid of cellulite, and detoxify your body.
Lose leg fat and melt cellulite from your thighs by drinking Wu-Long.
Wu-Long reduces arm fat, and helps you get rid of stomach fat because it’s packed with metabolism-boosting properties and energy-boosting L-Theanine.
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