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4 Ways Your Toothpaste May Be Toxic…

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I kinda bought into the anti-fluoride thing a few years ago when some of my “health-conscious” friends convinced me that it was basically poisonous.
But like many healthy habits… I didn’t have time to dig into this one; so I took it at face value.
…Until now.
I remember my childhood dentist sticking that horrific gooey sour-grape-flavored mold over my teeth as a kid and how I hated the “Fluoride Treatment”.
I dreaded it!
Intuition, perhaps?  Or just a normal childhood fear of the dentist?
Upon looking further into the Fluoride fiasco; what I’ve learned has really horrified me.

What Is Fluoride?

Fluoride is the 13th most common element in the earth’s crust.
But the fluoride that’s infused into drinking water all over the world is the kind that’s synthesized in a lab.  Strike One.
Remember:  Nature has given us plenty of incredible, edible gifts that don’t need to be synthesized in a lab – such as pure, powerful Wu-Long Tea.
Simply put, if you have to conduct a series of science experiments to make something edible or potable… it’s probably NOT the best thing for your body – or your brain!
Some fluoride found in water or tea is naturally-occurring calcium fluoride.
Calcium fluoride is safe in small doses.
Sodium fluoride, however, is a synthetic fluoride that seeps into our water through aluminum mining and fertilizer production.
The Fluoride Action Network (FAN), deems sodium fluoride a serious threat to human health.
And a researcher from the University of Derby states, “Although fluoride is considered an essential micro-nutrient for human health … excess fluoride in the diet can have detrimental effects… Dental fluorosis, the mottling of tooth enamel, and skeletal fluorosis, pain and damage to bones and joints through calcification, can occur.”
Here are 4 ways Fluoride may be sneaking into your life; and then action steps I’ve provided to help you quickly and easily eradicate this synthetic toxin from your and your family’s lives.

1.  Fluoride Damages Organs, Tissues, and Teeth…

According to the Department of Environmental, long-term exposure to excessive amounts of fluoride is known to be toxic to human beings.
It can cause extensive damage to organs and tissues inside the human body.
In fact, a study published in the journal Food Research International holds that millions of people are at risk tooth decay, bone loss, and other diseases due to fluoride.
The most obvious sign of excessive fluoride in somebody’s diet is the decaying of their teeth, known as dental fluorosis.
Dental fluorosis is basically the erosion of tooth enamel.
According to FAN, it has increased 400% in the past 60 years.
And the CDC considers approximately 41% of the US population victim to fluorosis.
While cosmetic surgery may be used to ‘cover up’ the erosion of tooth enamel; it’s expensive…
… And you may not know you are suffering from fluorosis until you’ve suffered considerable damage to your teeth!

Dental Fluorisis

Chart Courtesy of FluorideAlert.Org

2.  Fluoride Wreaks Havoc on Hormones…

Scientists also conducted a study to measure the impact that fluoride has on male reproduction.
When rats were used to test this theory; the rodents even showed signs of physical abnormalities.
One such case study claims that abnormalities are mainly due to “disturbance of spermatogenesis and germ cell loss in addition to oxidative stress. “
In 2006, the National Research Council stated that fluoride disrupts normal endocrine function.
Your endocrine system is the system your body uses to secrete hormones into your body.
Among other things, your endocrine system is responsible for:

  • Adrenal glands; which release the hormone cortisol into your body
  • Hypothalamus: which tells the pituitary gland to release hormones
  • Ovaries
  • Pituitary gland: the “master gland” which influences, among other glands, your thyroid
  • Testes
  • Thyroid: which controls metabolism

I don’t know about you, but with the prevalence of miscarriages, low-testosterone, erectile dysfunction, ovarian cancer… and a plethora of other diseases that are already plaguing human reproductive health; I’m not taking any chances! 

3.  Fluoride May Kill Brain Activity…

Fluoride is well-known to cause neurotoxicity in adults.
Studies in rodents have also linked it to memory and learning problems.
The Harvard School of Public Health in conjunction with China Medical University revealed 27 case studies that studied the impact on children who consume fluoride on a regular basis.
All but one of the studies concluded that fluoride has an obvious impact on cognitive development in children and causes an “IQ deficit”.
Other studies have found that kids who live in highly-fluoridated areas are much more likely to have lower IQ scores than kids who live in lower fluoridated areas.


Did you know that Japanese Researchers concluded recently that

Wu-Long actually restores organ health?  Read more here…


4.  Fluoride is Linked To Tumors…

Studies by the National Toxicology Program, which is part of the National Institute of Environmental Health sciences, conclude that fluoridated water may lead to osteosarcomas – or bone tumors.
These studies weren’t over a lifetime or even decades.
Rather, the tumors occurred in rodents after a mere two years of exposure to fluoride in water.
Another case study revealed that males show higher susceptibility to bone tumors caused by fluoride.

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How Can You Avoid Fluoride?

Fluoride is found in store-bought drinks and juices, red and white wine, toothpaste, tap water, your shower…
It’s no light task to take fluoride out of your life.
Here are a few tricks I’ve used to help me eradicate fluoride from my own life.

  • Change Your Toothpaste

Try using non-fluoride toothpaste.

You can find them on Amazon or at your local conscious, organic dentist’s office.

My personal favorite is “Oxyfresh”, but at the office I have PerioBrite and Tom’s.

This is one of the EASIEST things you can do to avoid consuming fluoride.

  • Don’t Buy Store-Bought Drinks 

Store-bought juices, bottled water, and ‘prepackaged drinks’ are not usually made with filtered non-fluoridated water.

This is a huge life-change so you may need to start really small.

Step one for me was kicking a soda-pop addiction I acquired from after college.

Then removing store-bought bottled waters and flavored beverages became the objective.

Now I don’t care how green it is: I avoid ALL drinks in bottles at ALL costs.

  • Filter Your Tap Water

It seems ironic when my friends ask me if my tap water is “safe to drink”.

I don’t care what country I’m in; I always avoid tap water and prefer to travel with my own filtering water bottle.

My favorite water filters all come from Berkey, but there are a ton of other .

I have the small ones for travel; the huge one for my kitchen, and a convenient coffee pot sized one for the office 😉

At home I use filtered water for my coffee, tea, soda water that I make at home, drinking water, and even to brush my teeth!

Dr. Laura Chan Tea Quote

  • AVOID Grocery-Store Teas

Did you know that I also avoid store-bought TEAS?!

That’s right.  Many cheap, grocery-store teas have toxic levels of fluoride.

In fact… grocery-store teas often have fluoride levels that EXCEED the already-high government standards for fluoride!

That’s why if you drink tea, you should ALWAYS BUY THE PUREST, most healthful tea.

Wu-Long is some of the world’s purest tea with ZERO added flavors, colors, contaminants, or chemicals.

Here’s a crazy fact:

Dr. Laura Chan from the University of Derby found that in 38 grocery-store teas; fluoride levels averaged 6mg/l.

Those are generally accepted UNSAFE levels.

In fact, just ONE store-bought tea bag used in her study

Get yours here today.

Research I Conducted…



  • Linda
    February 27, 2014

    Dear Stephanie, thank you again for sharing such useful information. I appreciate your efforts to report to us your research pertaining to our health. Many times I’ve forwarded your studies to family and friends, because I want them to benefit from it too.
    Thanks again,
    Linda Perry

    • Stephanie
      February 27, 2014

      Wow – that’s incredible to hear, Linda! I grew up with a family plagued by Type II diabetes, obesity, and general depression. It has been my dream to one day give to the world with encouraging ‘healthy habits’ because I believe that when we take better care of our bodies, we also take better care of our spirits and our families. Please keep in touch 😉

  • Sue Katz
    February 27, 2014

    When do you expect your tea capsules to be available again?

    • Stephanie
      February 27, 2014

      Hi Sue! We should have them back in a few weeks. I’ll make an announcement as soon as we get them back in. Keep in touch 😉

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