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Finding Your Motivation

Image thanks to TRF_Mr_Hyde

What would it take to make a major change in your life? Motivation?
It would be great to wake up with oodles of motivation, but motivation doesn’t necessarily happen overnight.
While change happens all the time, you can’t just depend on some outside source to give you the desired result, and you can’t go about making a difference with a half-hearted effort. For example, just buying a slimming tea will not help you lose weight if it sits in your cupboard, never seeing daylight. You need to drink it! It’s a little thing, but, oh the difference it makes…
So, what would it take to make a major change, like losing some weight?
A bunch of little changes…they all add up. A little motivation can go a long way…

Short Term Goals

Let’s say you want to lose some weight. It would be great if you could just pluck it off of your problem areas and set it outside by the recycling. But in reality, the time frame to lose that weight in a healthy way will take some time and some change. Go about it too quickly, and there are repercussions. Inside of you are organs that don’t need the stress, and outside is skin that needs a slower pace to snap into place. And keeping yourself on track for that length of time is… ambitious, but really hard for most people.
Instead of thinking in months, think in weeks. Losing around two pounds in seven days is reasonable, achievable, and a goal with results you can see. And when that week is over, another one will start.

Reward Yourself

While a job well done should be its own reward, it’s always better when there’s a prize at the end, right? At the end of your week, reward yourself for hitting your goal. Make sure your incentive reflects what you worked for. It could be a new outfit, which you’d need after losing weight. It should not be a hot-fudge sundae.

Keep It Simple

There are so many tips for losing weight everywhere all around you. Trying to take it all in is overwhelming. But the good news is, you don’t have to. Instead of trying to rewrite everything you do, change a couple little habits. Work with wheel you have instead of trying to reinvent it. Once you have a new habit down, then you can change another one.
And don’t give up! One false step doesn’t mean failure. It’s a way to learn, and grow, and know better.
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