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Fighting Fat at the Movies

Are you headed for the movies this weekend? And are you on a weight loss diet? If your answer to both these questions YES, chances are you are entering into a diet danger zone.
Ready for some scary stats?
Studies show that a single large tub of plain popcorn sold at movie theaters packs about 60 grams of fat, 1,100 calories and 1,235 milligrams of sodium. A large tub of popcorn with buttery topping can set you back by 79 grams of fat, 1,261 calories and 1,300 milligrams of sodium. The amount of calories is almost equivalent to a weight loss diet’s calorie limit.
How to Fight Fat at the Movies
So what can you do to fight fat at the movies? You do not have to give up going to the movie theater. And movies are not as much fun without snacks. Here are a few suggestions for you, so that you can enjoy the movie without jeopardizing your weight loss diet plan.
Plan a Preemptive Strike: It does not matter which diet plan you are following, if you eat a healthy satisfying snack before you leave for the movies, you can help to stop yourself from overindulging at the theater. Try out apple slices with their skins on. The fiber content in the apple will help you feel full. You could also try some raw vegetables with a low fat dip. Again, the fiber content makes you feel fuller and the dip is satisfying. Whole grain crackers with low fat cheese also work well, as they keep the blood sugar level stable and your hunger at bay. Yogurt sprinkled with some sliced almonds or low fat granola also provides enough protein for staying power.
Pop at Home: Curbing your fat intake at the movie theater can prove to be a real challenge. Carrying your own air popped popcorn to the theater is a good alternative. You might say air popped popcorn prepared at home tastes so bland. But it does not have to be that way. There are quite a few popcorn flavors available today, ranging from parmesan and marshmallows to garlic and chocolate. And these toppings are fat free, so the calories are taken care of. Seal the popcorn in a container and shake well so that the topping is evenly distributed.rnrnKeep these things in mind, next time you go to the movies and you will not have any regrets later.