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Got The Munchies? Fatburning Snack In Under 5 Minutes!

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Do you love to snack on zesty, crunchy, salty, sweet or even spicy foods?
Me too, and my favorite is when they’re also fat-torching, satisfying superfoods!
You can throw this plate together in under 5 minutes – and it contains some of the world’s most nutritional seeds, nuts, spices, and veggies.
Your friends will be impressed with the beautiful presentation, and if they’re anything like my husband was when I made it – they’ll lick the plate clean before you can say the words bon appétit. 

Zesty Endive Bites

  • Belgian Endive (I use two leaves) as a sturdy, crunchy base.
  • Hummus (which serves to absorb toppings so they don’t fall off the endive when you pick it up)
  • Sliced Sweet Bell Pepper
  • Cherry Tomato Halves
  • Hemp Seeds
  • Chopped Walnut
  • Cayenne Pepper
  • Dash of Salt & Pepper

Here are just a few reasons you’ll want to make this metabolism-fueling treat this weekend…

#1.  Hemp Seeds: A Multipurpose Protein

Hemp plants provide one of the most nutritious – and versatile- foods in the world.
Hemp seeds contain all our essential amino acids, making it a great source of protein.
Plus, there are tons of antioxidants in hemp from its high Vitamin E content.  It’s delicious on salads, yogurt, smoothies, and in baking.
For a quick boost of energy to keep me going in the middle of the day, I love to sprinkle hemp on veggie concoctions like the Zesty Endive Bites.

#2.  Cayenne Pepper: Devilishly Divine

Cayenne Pepper is loaded with Vitamin A and beta-carotene (which you may associate with it’s red color).
Also, it’s HOT.  Cayenne peppers are high in capsaicin, which accounts for their spiciness.
Capsaicin is also attributed to Cayenne Pepper’s ability to clear the nasal passages, act as a pain-reliever, and even prevent ulcers!

#3.  Sweet Bell Peppers

One small red, yellow, or orange pepper contains approximately three times the Vitamin C ofcitrus.  
They’re also loaded with Vitamin B6 and folic acid – both important for the body’s biochemical processes.
The red varieties are high in lycopene – widely believed to lower the risk of various cancers, esp. prostate and cervical.
Orange peppers contain zeaxanthin, which is a compound that protects your eyes from cataracts and macular degeneration.
So be on the lookout for ways to consume these two delicious, sweet vegetables.

#4.  Hummus: Health Food In Disguise

Before I knew what hummus was, I wrote it off as another fattening, starchy dip associated with mindless carb munching – as it’s generally paired with pita bread.
Hummus is basically chickpeas, Tahini, Garlic, Lemon Juice and Olive Oil.
It’s best to prepare at home.
Be careful when purchasing prepared hummus, as with any prepared food; because the non-organic store-bought brands are full of toxic artificial ingredients!
Chickpeas are another protein-packed treat that contribute to healthy blood sugar levels.
Tahini is very caloric and high in fat, but also provides calcium and protein.
It’s used sparingly enough in hummus that you shouldn’t need to worry.

#5.  Walnuts

For years my superfood breakfast on the run has been yogurt, walnuts, and blueberries.
I love to incorporate walnuts in snacks because they are delicious, filling, and they add crunchiness to yogurts, baked goods, salads, and snacks.
Walnuts are linked to brain health – and if you look at the nut once the hull and shell are removed – it actually looks like a little brain!
Walnuts are also good for your belly.
In fact, despite the widespread belief that nuts are fattening, studies have found that because walnuts are so satiating, they are linked to weight loss, probably due to the fact that they keep you satiated longer.

Important Healthy Tip…

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~ Stephanie


  • Yoshitaka
    March 9, 2014

    I’m not a vegetarian but I like to try all kinds of rpicees. When I found this one, I was excited because I’ve been looking for a way to try Kale and this sounds really good. Thanks for sharing!

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