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The Trick To STOP Having Fat Days

Fat man

Few things can make your day stink worse than these 4 evil words:

“I feel fat today.”

You know those days; when no matter how loosely you wear your tie – you keep feeling like you have a double chin…

..Or when you put on your pants or nylons… and feel like a stuffed sausage.

It’ s not just a miserable feeling, but it’s also a dangerous one.

Before I took control of my own body – I remember waking up and just wishing I could swap my body with another woman’s.  Maybe somebody tall, long-legged, skinny, and with a super-fast metabolism!

Feeling “Fat” is a very dangerous thought.

Here’s how to nip it in the bud once and for all…

How To Overcome “Fat Days”

There are few things that can cause you to skip workouts, eat bad foods, and even swap your Oolong Tea for nasty sodas more than “fat days”.

Why?  Because you create defeat before you’ve even given yourself a chance to have a great day!

Plus – telling yourself you’re fat or ugly won’t just make you feel fat or ugly – it will actually make you look that way.

What To Do When You “Feel” Fat…

1.  Do some squats, sit-ups, or another quick exercise that gives you a nice burn in a place where you “feel fat”.  Being curvy and with super-short legs, I like to do 25-50 squats to make my legs feel strong and tighter.  It only takes a few minutes – but gets my day started on the right ‘foot’!

2.  Fill your mind with something uplifting.  I enjoy listening to books on Audible while I get my briefcase ready, walk the dog, or prepare breakfast.  Choose something powerfully motivating to you.  If you want a few suggestions just Reply to this email and I’ll share a few that I love.

3.  Stop the ‘feelings’ in their track.  Just stop.  Don’t repeat them – and fight tooth and nail to think about something positive!!!

You see, when you fill your mind with negative feelings, this may trigger bad behaviors.  This will cause you to feel even worse, which may lead to even more destructive behaviors, and so on and so on.  I like to play this video of Bob Newhart for my friends.  It will have you rolling on the floor laughing – and laughing feels great!

Bob Newhart Stop It

Picture yourself as the woman in the chair constantly repeating the fact that you ‘feel fat’.  Then picture Bob Newhart yelling, “Stop That!”  “Fat is not a feeling!”  You will soon see the absurdity of telling yourself that you feel fat!

4.  Use a Jedi-Mind-Trick.  Really… it’s not a Jedi-Mind-Trick.  But it feels good.  Practice looking in the mirror and instead of focusing on the irritating place where your gut hangs out too much or your thighs rub together… focus on the thing you love most.  (If I sat and looked at my thighs all day – I’d develop a complex about them!)

Look in the mirror and see how beautiful you look when you smile.  Or sing.  Or dance.  Now you are creating positive energy that will permeate the rest of your day.  Stress causes our bodies to produce cortisol – which can cause you to overeat and gain weight.  That’s how telling yourself you’re fat can actually cause you to gain weight!

5.  Make a cup of Oolong tea with lemon.  Sometimes when you’re feeling fat, you’re simply bloated and in need of a nice healthy bowel movement.  Drinking hot Oolong first thing in the morning with lemon (on an empty stomach) can help your digestive track get back into gear, which will usually make you feel much better – and much less ‘fat’.

I don’t know about you, but I will never look like the models in the magazines – never.

But I choose to look in the mirror and love what, and who, I see.

Love yourself… and drink Oolong Tea every day to have healthier skin, teeth, organs, bones, and heart health.

I hope you and your body are here for a long time; that’s why I’ve devoted my life to naturally-occurring health miracles like Okuma’s Oolong Tea.

Show your brain and your body the love they deserve.

Go ahead – look in the mirror right now and just remind yourself – you’re beautiful.

(Doesn’t that feel better?)