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Fat Burning Workout: The Stair Stepper

Have you been working out at the gym, but haven’t lost much of those extra pounds? Chances are you are not exercising right. Fancy exercising equipment alone will not get you far when it comes to burning that extra fat.
To effectively burn more fat while you workout you must focus on getting out of your comfort zone and sweating it out. Here in this article we will look at some effective ways of using the stair stepper to maximize your weight loss.

Stair Stepper: Fat Burning Workout Tips

Here are some great tips suggested by fitness experts on how to use the stair stepper for burning more fat effectively.
Stand up straight: While working out on the stair stepper, make sure you are stand up straight. Pretend that you are squeezing a balloon in between the shoulder blades. Use the rails only for balancing yourself, not for support. This posture forces your back and core muscles to contract which is great for toning up these muscles. And as you engage more muscles this way, you burn more fat.
Vary the depth of stepping: Try varying the depth of your steps. This way you surprise the muscles, which results in burning more fat. If you usually take short steps, add a minute of longer, slower steps after every five minutes. If you are a long, slow stepper, try picking up your pace and shortening your steps to around six inches, thus making the muscles react and adapt. Fitness experts say, challenging the leg muscles in a way they are not used to helps burn more calories.
Tuck your glutes under the hips: Ensure that you keep your feet flat on the stepper’s pedals. If all your movement originates not in your legs but in your core, it will engage new muscles and thus lead to a more intense calorie burn.eeeeee