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AVOID These 6 "Health Foods" If You Want To Lose Weight…


These 6 “Healthy” Junk Foods May Surprise You!

“I’ve been on a diet for two weeks, and all I’ve lost is two weeks.”
~Totie Fields

Sound familiar?
How many people announce they’re going to ‘give up alcohol for a month’, ‘stop eating bread’, or even ‘cut sugar from my diet – even fruit!’…
… Only to break their ‘diet’ by the weekend – unable to survive the deprivation of food and drink they love.
One of my favorite principles is the one that it’s sugar and wheat – not fat and meat – that should be avoided.
I even read recently in the famous bestseller Wheat Belly that two pieces of whole wheat bread may spike your sugar MORE than a Snickers bar!  YIKES!
So without futher ado, here are 6 shocking foods that may cause weight gain…

Energy/Protein Bars

Many of these bars pack in 10, 12, even 14 grams of protein.
How can that be a bad thing?
Well these bars, albeit terribly convenient, aren’t necessarily the best fast food option.
Some of these bars have 400 calories or more – and many of that due to sugar and high fructose corn syrup.
If you’re looking for protein and a little bit of natural sugar, try packing real dates and raw nuts.
Don’t worry about adding a bit of olive oil and sea salt to the mix to give it a bit of flavor.
You can also make fantastic high-protein trail mix with real cacao.
Ultimately, if it comes in a package… it’s best to stay away from it!
Want a healthy alternative to protein bars?

Stay tuned and I’ll post a healthy protein bar recipe for you in the next week!


This one really shocked… and kinda peeved me.
Granola has long been considered a pantry staple and healthy breakfast option, but it can be surprisingly high in sugar.
Plus, a lot of granola is made with all the WRONG kinds of oil, like canola.
While calories aren’t necessarily a *bad* thing – they’re essentially energy – many of the calories from granola aren’t coming from the healthy nuts and seeds, they derive from oils and sugars.
Worse yet, many of they ingredients corporations sneak into granola include inunlin (a soluble fiber that can wreak havoc on your tummy) and soy protein isolate – which you should avoid
Plus, Granola should NOT be eaten like cereal.
One ‘bowl’ of granola can exceed 800 calories!  If you must eat granola, it’s best to use as ‘sprinkles’ or in 1/2 cup portions.
Better still would be to find a killer recipe and make your own.

Stay tuned and I’ll post a healthy granola recipe for you in the next week!


Health Foods Shouldn’t Have Chemicals!

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Dried Fruit

Dried fruit seems like a perfectly healthy snack; after all it is FRUIT, right?
Unfortunately, dried fruit can have many times more sugar and significantly more calories then you would get from the fresh version.
The other problem is that it is very easy to overdo it because it doesn’t seem like you are eating as much.
You can easily consume 500 calories mindlessly munching dried apricots.  I know this from experience!!
Not to mention that dried fruits from a store are *riddled* with preservatives.
The toxin sulfite is in most dried fruits to keep it’s color and freshness.
Have you ever had a hangover from wine?
It may not be just dehydration… sulfites are known to cause splitting headache ‘hangovers’ in people, as well as being sighted as a neurotoxin.
What’s the best alternative to dried fruit?
Apples and oranges stay fresh a long time if you’re really craving fruit and spend a lot of time on the run.  
I often take an apple with me from hotels and keep it in my briefcase when I know there’s absolutely no way of getting food for a few hours.
But frankly if you’re really craving sugar… or if you have a ‘carb craving’, <<THIS is the BEST way to curb that sugar craving fast.>>

Frozen Foods

Shhh, hear that?
The freezer aisle at your grocery store is whispering to you that it is full of diet friendly ready-to-go meals.
Don’t listen – it’s LYING to you!  😀
Seriously, though.  Even though these frozen ‘diet foods’ may be low in calories, they’re pumped with tons of sodium and preservatives.
When foods are low in calories and full of chemicals – you won’t feel satiated and you’ll continue trying to eat to feel satiated.
That leads to weight gain, and you may be messing with your insulin resistance depending on what you use to satiate that hunger.
Plus, all the ‘bad salt’ in frozen foods will make you look bloated, or even make it appear as though you have a fat tummy.
The best thing you can do is to ‘meal prep’ healthy foods at home so that even if you do freeze food – you know what ingredients went into it!


You’re not fooling me, Mr. Caloric Cobb!  Or Mrs. Chubby Caesar!
You’re NOT making the healthy choice in a restaurant because you choose the salad.
In fact, I worked twelve years in restaurants and do you know what I learned?
The salads usually have TWICE the calories of a regular meal and NONE of the protein.
As opposed to getting bacon-wrapped shrimp with veggies, a cobb salad will have twice the bacon, two eggs, 300 calories of mayonnaise, 250 fatty blue cheese calories, and completely nutritionally-void lettuce.
Get the shrimp!  Wrap it in bacon!  You’re doing your body, and your waistline a massive favor!

Smoothies & Juices

Ok, this shouldn’t be news to you if you’ve read my emails a while.
Smoothies and juices are often sugar BOMBS.
When you consume enough fruit to last the average Islander a week in ONE fell swoop – you’re committing murder on your insulin levels.
When you come down from the sugar high – don’t think you’re going to go for a cross-country run.
No, sugary smoothies and juices are more likely to make you fat than help you trim the LB’s.
Plus, juicing fruit takes out the fat-fighting, tummy-filling Fiber from the Fruit.
And store-bought smoothies and juices are WAY worse.
Did you know that a 12oz glass of orange juice actually has almost the same amount of sugar and carbs as a 12oz glass of soda?

How To Avoid Gaining Weight With “Fake” Health Foods

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