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The Dark Side of Energy Drinks…

The Dark Side of Energy Drinks…

It’s SXSW in Austin this weekend and to my surprise, there are thousands of people old and young… very young… consuming these dangerous beverages.  Here’s why you should steer clear for the sake of your mind, heart, brain, and weight loss goals!
It’s the South By Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas this weekend (SXSW); and there are thousands of festival-goers young and old walking up and down my street in downtown Austin.
And let me tell you – it’s amazing people-watching!
I had an awesome time this morning in much-needed rain…exercising a bit, walking the puppies, checking out what people are wearing, where they’re going, and of course – what Austin’s incredible food trucks are serving!
But there’s one thing that gave me pause this week during the festivities.
And that’s the amount of “Energy Drinks” people are consuming.
They’re drinking them as they walk down the street, mixing them with booze, and the trash receptacles are LOADED with empty Red Bull, Monster, and Rockstar Energy Drinks.
Some of these are ‘diet’ drinks.
But my problem with energy drinks isn’t entirely the sugar.
It’s the abuse people are causing to much more serious systems within their bodies… and the fact that even diet energy drinks make you FAT.
Here’s how…

It’s Not Just About The Sugar…

Most energy drinks are full of sugar and caffeine.
OR they’re full of caffeine and dangerous chemicals meant to ‘taste’ sugary.
But energy drinks are much more than caffeine and sugar… or sugar substitutes.
Many of these so-called “energy boosters” usually have 7 TIMES the amount of caffeine than one cup of coffee or soda.
All this caffeine can lead to anxiety, and even nausea!
Here’s what’s really scary…
Energy drinks are NOT regulated by the FDA, and the manufacturers don’t generally provide a recommended daily intake.
Therefore, you’re basically putting trust into a brand that is working for profits… not your health!
Side effects of energy drinks include elevated heart rates, headaches, trouble with sleeping, hypertension, and even anxiety.
Poison control centers report hundreds of cases every months of siezures, hallucinations, rapid heart rate, and high blood pressure from energy drink consumption.
Plus, long-term effects of energy drinks are adrenal gland failure… or at the very least adrenal fatigue.

Why Are Energy Drinks Addictive?

In case you haven’t noticed… energy drinks are addictive.
Not only are the loaded with high amounts of caffeine, but they taste delicious because of all those misleading chemicals.
Too much caffeine can hurt your nervous system by causing it to be overstimulated.
You know the caffeine “jitters”?  That’s because you have elevated Blood Pressure and Heart Rate.
This is a really, really scary place to be for most adults and can lead to nausea, anxiety, and even heart problems.
Plus, over-caffeinated bodies become Vitamin B deficient.
Vitamin B deficiency sabotages your bodies natural ability to produce energy.
Plus, it’s linked to heart disease and cancer; which makes longterm use of energy drinks a scary, scary thing. 

How Do Energy Drinks Make You Fat?

First of all, they totally screw up your sleep patterns.  
You wake up tired.  And then you NEED energy drinks in the morning to snap out of your stupor.
Now you’re lacking sleep and your body isn’t getting time to digest and repair overnight.
This leads to sickness, fatigue, and even fat storage!
Plus, when you’re jittery with caffeine from energy drinks – you get stressed.  
You actually FEEL anxious.
This triggers a cortisol response in your body.
Cortisol is a steroid hormone produced by your adrenal glands.
When you’re anxious, you produce more cortisol.
AND excess cortisol is linked to BELLY FAT.
This is NOT the type of energy you’re looking for.
Belly fat is unflattering – and dangerous to the heart.

The Best Energy Drink Alternative

Choose to AVOID energy drinks at all costs.
Train your body to rely on nutrients that earth has created in their Whole form, such as nutrient-dense greens, fruits, eggs, and especially Wu-Long Tea!
Unlike energy drinks, which have a dangerous amount of caffeine, a cup of Wu-long tea has just the right amount for a small “pick me up”.
Each cup of Wu-Long has only about a third the caffeine of a cup of coffee.
Whereas energy drinks contain a TON of sugar, caffeine, and other scary chemicals, Wu-Long is 100% FREE of pesticides, flavors, coloring, or chemical toxins.
It’s pure, 100% Wuyi Mountain-grown tea that is seen in China as a medicine… it’s SO powerful for lowering cholesterol, providing natural energy, and even fighting fat.
Whereas sugar actually becomes fat in your body, Wu-long tea increases oxidation of fat…
Which means Wu-Long turns fat into ENERGY!
The equation is simple:

Energy drinks = Sugar/Fake Sugar = Fat + False Energy + Sickness

Wulong Tea = Oxidation of fat = Natural Energy

Wu-Long tea is also packed with compounds called polyphenols which can strengthen teeth, fight allergies, and give your skin a healthy glow.
I bet you can’t find an energy drink that can do all of that AND boost your energy levels naturally!
There’s no better choice for natural energy and fat oxidation throughout your day than Wu-Long’s Delicious Slimming Tea.
Get yours here today.