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Eat Smart for Weight Loss

eat smart for weight loss

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Successful and sustained weight loss not only depends on what you eat and your physical activity, but also on how you eat.
Here are some easy tips on how to eat smart to lose weight and keep it off permanently.

Chew Slowly:

Although we seldom realize it, most of us are always gulping down food hurriedly, trying to fit in that sandwich somewhere into our hectic schedule. In the process, we don’t even chew our food properly. Chewing slowly promotes proper working of the digestive system and allows you to savor your food. This also makes it more likely for you to stop eating when you feel satiated.

De-stress Before You Have Dinner:

Before you settle down for your dinner, take some time to relax. Take deep breaths, take a leisurely walk or listen to soothing music. When you eat in a relaxed state, the digestive system works better. Also, stress can lead to overeating, so relaxing before your meal helps you know better when you need to stop.

Don’t Multitask When Eating:

Make it a point not to do any other work when eating, such as watching television or reading a magazine. This is because when you are engrossed in the magazine or television show, you seldom pay attention to how much you are eating, which makes it less likely for you to notice when you are full. Apart from this, unconsciously eating might become associated with that activity, so whenever you are watching television, you automatically reach out for snacks.

Downsize your Dishes:

Using smaller plates is a great way of cutting down your food intake. Studies have shown that even health and nutrition experts tend to overeat when they use larger plates or oversized serving dishes. Try using salad plates instead of dinner plates to help reduce portion sizes and promote healthy eating.

Gulp Down Some Water:

Opt for a glass of cold water instead of diet sodas before you eat your meal. Drinking water before your meal will provide a sense of fullness and thus prevent overeating. Also, drinking cold water can actually boost your metabolism rate.
Incorporate these smart eating tips in your weigh loss diet plan to lose weight in a healthy manner.