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The World's Most Perfect Food?!


Are Eggs The World’s Most Perfect Food? Read more…

Is This The World’s Most Perfect Food?

Easter celebrations are marked by one perfect food… and it isn’t chocolate… it’s eggs!
Today I’m going to provide you with 10 Amazing Facts about eggs… one of my very favorite foods.
There almost isn’t a single day I go without eating eggs – the whole thing – not just the whites!
Why are eggs so… “egg-cellent”?

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How To Buy The Best Eggs

There are a LOT of choices you have when it comes to eggs.  You can bake them, boil them, fry than, sautee them with veggies, make dressings out of them, or color them during Easter!
You can buy pasture-raised, cage free, free-range, organic, non-organic, brown or white.
But before we start, make sure you know how to shop for the best, most nutritious eggs.
To help you, I’ve created this super-simple chart that explains some of the buzz words that are thrown around…

10 Amazing Facts About Eggs

1.  Our body NEEDS Omega-3 Fatty Acids to function, but it’s one of the only nutrients we can’t produce.  That’s why it’s critical to get Omega-3 fatty acids from things like fish… or eggs!  Omega-3’s are good for the heart, and may even help reverse certain diseases.  Egg yolks contain ample Omega-3 fats.
2.  Studies show that no increased risk of heart attack or stroke was shown with intake of 1-6 eggs per week, despite attacks on eggs in the last decade by the AHA (American Heart Association).   Studies now show that eggs are associated with levels of HDL, the ‘good’ cholesterol.
3.  An increase in egg consumption has actually shown to improve HDL (good cholesterol) composition.  Eggs also help HDL cholesterol function better in your body!
4.  Pasture-fed hens may have up to 200% MORE Vitamin E in their yold vs. caged hens.
5.  Hens are happies when eating grass, legumes, seeds, worms, and they fight disease by ample portions of grubs and large insects!  If you raise chickens and notice them getting sick or losing feathers, the best thing may be to allow them more time roaming the grass and eating grubs and insects!
6.  One large, pasture-raised egg has only about 78 Calories and a very low GI Index.
7.  All THESE Amazing Benefits:

8.  Eggs score 100% on the High Biological Value protein chart, created by the World Health Organization.  They are a high quality protein with amino acids, including branched chain amino acids, sulfur-containing amino acids, and other essentials.  They’re often referred to as a “complete” protein.
9.  ALL B Vitamins are found in eggs.  In fact, eggs rank 2nd highest of ALL foods in choline, a vitamin that the body needs 425-500 mgs of per day.  Eggs provide 100 mg of protein without the calories of most choline-rich foods.
10.  An egg’s nutrients are fairly evenly distributed between the yolk and the white.   So if you want the WHOLE benefit of your egg… eat the whole food!

I hope that no matter what you’re celebrating this weekend, you’ll celebrate with this delicious whole food.
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