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Does Skipping Dinner Really Help You Lose Weight?

Trying to lose weight? You think skipping dinner will help you do that?
Think again. Skipping dinner might help you to some extent, but it definitely is not the right way to go about losing weight. Read on to find out more.
Skipping Dinner to Lose Weight: Does it Work?
People often think skipping dinner will help to cut down lots of calories. Weight loss experts will also suggest that skipping meals will cut back your calorie intake. But it does not necessarily imply that you will lose weight.rnrnWhen you skip dinner, your body goes into preservation mode. Your body starts using up the stored proteins, fats and carbohydrates as sources of energy. When these sources of energy are depleted, the body looks for other fuel sources to keep the brain and nervous system functioning properly. If the glucose levels in your body are not adequate, the body starts breaking down liver and muscle tissue to create glucose. The body tries to preserve the remaining protein and starts metabolizing the fat through the process of ketosis. This may lead to fatigue, nausea, decreased blood pressure, elevated uric acid levels and constipation.rnrnAlso, when you skip dinner, the metabolism rate also slows down. The natural fat burning mechanisms is also lowered. The body starts holding on to calories and storing them as fat, instead of burning it up for energy. This makes the whole point of skipping dinner to lose weight futile.
What You Should Do Instead
Instead of just skipping dinner, change the way you eat dinner. Try and eat your dinner earlier in the evening. Avoid eating three hours before you go to bed. This way the body gets enough time to digest food and start burning up the calories. At night, your body will burn even more fat as the blood sugar level goes down. This leads to the release of testosterone and other growth hormones at night, which help to melt the fat.rnrnLeave heavier food stuff for the earlier meals of the day and have lighter foods for dinner, such as salads. If you get cravings at night, have healthy snacks such as fruits or vegetables. Also, maintaining a healthy metabolic rate requires a regular flow of adequate calories. Exercising also helps to rev up the metabolism and burn up more calories, whereas skipping meals just slows the metabolism rate down. Instead of skipping meals, just reduce the overall calorie intake in all your meals.rnrnSkipping dinner to lose weight is definitely not a healthy option. So think before you skip dinner to lose weight again.