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75 Trillion Reasons To Do THIS…

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Here’s a bit of a riddle for you:
What’s something that you don’t realize is a big deal until… well… you do?
For me it’s easy to pinpoint: DIGESTION
As a child I was plagued with food allergies and as an adult have come to grips with the fact that my body doesn’t process eggs (my favorite food), gluten, soy, nor dairy (did I mention I also love cheese?!)
Plus, I have leaky gut syndrome.
This has caused me to suffer with some pretty debilitating digestive problems.
…So much so that my husband and I laugh about a time on my honeymoon when I ate an entire cup of prunes because every meal, every day was filled with foods that I don’t digest.
The prunes didn’t even work.  I was NOT laughing.
Recently I ran across this awesome testimonial about how our Wu-Long tea really works to help digestion from one of our customers who’s only been using Wu-Long for only 90 days!
Spencer says:

“I have been LOVING this Wu-Long tea. 

My digestive system has been very touch-and-go

but this tea has made it work sooo much better! 

Much Thanks, 


That’s great!  But you may be asking: why is digestion such a big ‘stinkin’ deal?
And furthermore: exactly HOW does “Slimming Wu-Long Tea” work for digestion?
Allow me to explain…

Why Digestion Is Important…

Helping your body with digestion is no small feat on the part of Wu-Long.
Your digestive system provides nutrients to 75 TRILLION cells that live in your body.
But slow digestion causes disease, nutrient deficiency, and even serious disease.
Why is digestion and detoxification such a big deal?
Well, first of all, your body runs slowly when you’re not ‘regular’.
Also, the digestive system breaks down your food into itty bitty particles so that the bloodstream can use them.
When you aren’t digesting your food properly, you may feel nauseous or sick.
Plus, poor digestion can lead to irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), the incubation of viruses, and worse… even leading to death.
In short, it is critical that you have “regularity” to keep your entire body healthy, and happy.
Wu-Long is a very rare, very special form of ‘high mountain’ grown Oolong tea that only comes from one very specific place in the Wuyi Chinese mountains.
It is considered a medicinal grade tea by the Chinese and is commonly drunk during meal times in Chinese households.
Wu-Long is packed with powerful antioxidants and free of ANY traceable pesticides or toxins; these are two of the many reasons it’s great to cleanse and detoxify your body.
Here are 4 reasons Wu-Long helped Spencer… and will help YOU with Digestion.

1.  Wu-Long is Very Alkalizing to Help Digestion…

Wu-long is very alkalizing.
You’ve probably heard this word used in ‘alkaline’ diets or ‘alkalizing foods’.
What alkalizing foods and drinks do is to help limit the amount of acid in your body.
In an ironic twist – some things that add ‘acidity’ to foods; lemons and vinegar, for instance; are actually very alkalizing to your body!
In my own husband’s cancer treatment; we drank entire lemons every single morning in our juices – including the nutrient-packed yellow zest!
Alkalizing foods are known to help fight cancer, which feed of acid in the body.
Wu-Long helps alkalize your digestive tract as well as help with acid reflux and ulcers.

Here’s a hilarious quote by James Altucher from one of my favorite books in the world: Choose Yourself.
James QUote

2.  Wu-Long Will Raise Your Metabolism to Aid Digestion

Most Wu-Long Tea Drinkers know that Wu-Long helps you lose weight fast.
That’s because Wu-Long raises your metabolism, which helps you burn more fat throughout the day.
For digestion, a raised metabolism helps your body break down food more quickly.
This helps you lose weight… and it also breaks down fat.
Wu-Long is great for detoxification because it clears bad bacteria out of your digestive system.


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3.  Wu-Long Is A Relief For Upset Stomachs…

I recently coordinated, MC’d, and hosted an enormous party with important people and friends from all over the country.
An hour before the party was supposed to start, it felt like Nancy Kerrigan was doing triple axles in my esophagus and Tonya Harding was beating my stomach with a wrench.
I was nervous.
I obtained some hot water and quickly made a cup of Wu-Long.
Ahh… I FELT much better!
Why does Wu-Long soothe the stomach so well?
Well, Wu-long is a very smooth, almost creamy-tasting tea.
It isn’t bitter and it has both mild flavor and aroma.
Black and green teas can be much more harsh.
Wu-Long not only calms you down, but settles your stomach.
It’s even used to settle your stomach if you’ve had a meal rich in fatty or greasy foods.

4.  Wu-Long Helps You Poop…

 We know that Wu-Long helps you cleanse toxins and impurities from your system…
But did you know that Wu-Long also helps you literally ‘flush’ things from your body?
Drink Wu-Long first thing when you wake up to kick-start your digestive system
And drink it hot to get the most digestive benefits Wu-Long has to offer.
Grab your Wu-Long here today so that your digestive ‘issues’ will be a thing from a distant past.


Try Wu-Long TODAY.  Click here for free domestic shipping.






  • Jan
    February 25, 2014

    Please will you let me know hoe much CAFFENE Wulong tea has in each TEA-BAG.

    • Stephanie
      February 26, 2014

      Good day, Jan. Each bag has approximately 1/3 the caffeine as a cup of coffee. Let me know how you enjoy the tea!

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