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Okuma’s Wu-Long tea is an all-natural Chinese diet tea that has many health benefits. Research shows that this Chinese diet tea can help you to lose weight, reduce wrinkles, feel more energized, and so much more.*
There are three main types of tea black tea, green tea, and Oolong tea. All tea comes from the same plant, but differs in the way it is fermented. The tea plant, Camellia Sinensis, grows in tropical regions. So what makes Chinese diet tea superior to tea grown in other areas?
Tea is a lot like fruit in that when grown in certain areas, it’s just better it has a better quality, sweeter taste, firmer texture. Chinese tea is the best because of where it is grown. Okuma’s Wu-Long diet tea is a high quality brand of Oolong tea grown in China’s Fujian Province. Here this Chinese tea is able to benefit from the altitude of Mt. Wu Yi Shan. The climate and altitude give the soil the nutrients it needs to grow well-nourished Chinese tea plants. Our Chinese tea is superior in fermentation, production, taste and most importantly, quality.
Learn more about Chinese tea. Okuma’s Wu-Long tea offers the highest quality in Chinese tea.
Okuma’s Chinese tea is available in tea bags or loose-leaf. Order Okuma’s great tasting, great for you, loose-leaf Wu-Long tea now.

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