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Can Tea Enhance Your Sex Drive?


Can Tea Increase Your Sex Drive?

I can be a bit shy when discussing love and sexuality with my newletter readers….
But I just ran across some research that really fascinates me.
If you’re like me, it seems like everywhere you turn people are making excuses for why they don’t have the romantic relationships or intimacy they want, or once had.
A day turns into a week, which turns in to a month… and couples grow further apart.

Reasons For Romance Lulls…

There a lot of reasons why people lose the romance in their relationships.
One major reason can be depression.
Another may be a lack of confidence.
Exhaustion is another huge reason people site for low sex drive and romantic lulls.
And children and work seem to always provide an excuse for people.
But there is an unbelievable way to promote a healthy romantic life, with none other than Slimming Tea!

An Unlikely Romance Savior…

It isn’t as sexy as chocolate covered strawberries or a glass of champagne, but Slimming Tea is actually really good for your love life!
Catechins, the same antioxidants that help you fight cancer, are in enormous proportion in Slimming Tea.
And catechins actually promote blood flow all over your body, which enhances your sex drive!
They also boost brain power, enhance memory, improve your mood, help you focus…
All of these things can help lift your depression or blues, which helps you acheive greater intimacy with your partner.
In addition, Slimming Tea has no sugar, chemicals, or high fructose corn syrup.
All of those added ingredients in sodas, sweetened teas, and bottled beverages actually lower your body’s ability to produce endorphins, which can hurt your mood, as well as your sex life.

Drink To Your Health… And Your Love Life!

This weekend, if you’re feeling blue, drink a cup of Slimming Tea to help boost your mood naturally.
And if you have the chance to share a romantic day or evening with your partner, put down the sugary drinks and make a cup of Slimming Tea.
You can enjoy it iced, or hot.  It even tastes great with mint, cinnamon, or your favorite floral herbs.
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Summer is upon us and there’s nothing more refreshing than Iced Slimming Tea!
Use low-glycemic fruits like cherries or cancer-fighting pomegranate to sweeten your Slimming Tea without the added chemicals.
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