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Calculate Your Nutritional Goals For Weight Loss

Calculation of the nutritional goals for effective weight loss is nothing but a number game. To derive accurate calculations you need to create a chart stating the daily activities, exercises, the foods taken etc. These are some parameters used for maintenance of the ideal body weight of an individual.
Depending on the chart, the nutritionist may ask you to modify your lifestyle or restrict the daily calorie intake of yours. You can calculate your nutrition goals yourself by following the step by step method laid down in the article.
Determination of the maintenance needs in the first step is very essential. You need to analyze the total number of calories you can consume for maintaining the present weight. There are online calculators available for calculating the activity level, gender, weight, age and height of yours.
You can use a conversation table for converting pounds into calories. 1 pound= 3500 calories. If you aim at losing a single pound in a week, your calorie consumption per day must be less than 500 calories. If you take some extra calories, make sure you are burning them by exercising.
You must be patient when it comes to deriving success in weight loss management. Do not rush to reach your goals. If you burn about 3500 calories every week, at the end of the year you shed about 48 pounds.
Calculate the total number of calories you burn daily. For the convenience of the readers, hypothetical example has been stated. A person weighing 155 pounds, while performing activities for an hour looses 25 pounds. Hundred is subtracted for each 25 pounds when he performs aerobics of low impact. Loss of calories largely depends on the kinds of activities undertaken. Below is given a table of activities in which you can loose substantial amounts of calories:

    • Running 5 mph; 563
    • Running 10 mph; 1,126
    • Light to moderate cleaning activities; 176
    • Heavy cleaning activities; 317
    • Bicycling fast; 1126
    • Vigorous calisthenics; 563

Make sure you are not going for crash diets. If you find dieting a bit difficult, you can add a few more exercises in your daily routine. You can as well continue with the same exercising patterns by reducing the overall intake of food. The whole idea surrounds around maintaining a balance between intakes and burning of calories. With proper calculation of the nutrition goals you can maintain a healthy and decent lifestyle.