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Is THIS Hazardous Toxin in Your Water Bottle?

Water bottles

Most of us don’t think twice when purchasing water bottles, baby bottles, or sports drink containers.

Little do most people know – many contain a chemical that is very detrimental to our health.

We’re talking about the dangerous chemical Bisphenol-A ( commonly known as ‘BPA’).

BPA is usually found in the plastics that make sports bottles, water bottles, baby bottles…

And even receipts at the checkout of your local retail store!

In fact, many companies have even been lining the inside of canned goods with this dangerous, toxic chemical for years.


For starters, according to the researchers at the Columbia Center for Children’s Environmental Health – early-age exposure to BPA can increase the chance of asthma in children.

Since asthma is a very serious health issue, hospitalizing thousands of children every month, all parents should avoid BPA from bottles and canned foods.

Because of heightened public awareness, thanks to health-conscious people like YOU, many companies are now making their sport and baby bottles BPA free!

But, BEWARE: there are still many companies out there that are still using this dangerous chemical to make their products!

The toxic effects of BPA don’t stop there! BPA has also been linked to causing major damage to people’s hormones.


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Do you have pearly white teeth?

French researchers have discovered that BPA also harms tooth enamel.

BPA can harm teeth by causing a condition called ‘molar incisor hypomineralisation’ (MIH).

MIH causes abnormal accumulation of organic materials on your teeth.

These materials make your teeth MUCH more susceptible to cavities. Yikes!

BPA has also been linked to obesity, neurological issues, cell damage, and reproductive problems.

How Can I Avoid BPA?

– Eat Out Less

You know exactly what ingredients you’re using when you cook at home.

Even restaurants who claim to use “fresh” ingredients often get most of their fruits, vegetables, sauces, and spices from CANS.

It’s nearly impossible to eat a meal at a restaurant withOUT consuming canned foods.

– Eat Less Canned Foods

You know that canned foods are likely to contain BPA.

But did you also know that canned foods are some of the dirtiest foods in the grocery store?

Plus, canned foods are LOADED with unhealthy salt – not the healthy sea salt that you probably have learned to use at your dinner table.


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– Read Your Labels

Consider reading the labels of your sports bottles to see if they’re ‘BPA free’.

If you can’t tell, it’s better to be safe than sorry- throw it away!

When buying new sports bottles, food containers, and baby bottles- make sure they all have “BPA FREE” on the label!

Sometimes freezing or washing bottles with heat can make them leak MORE nasty BPA into your beverage.

PLUS: have you any concern for the environment?

You shouldn’t be buying plastic bottles anyway if you can avoid it!

– Store Food In Glass or Stainless Steel

It’s better for the environment.

Plus, you aren’t allowing toxic chemicals to leak all over your food.

Also avoid questionable plastic cookware and utensils

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