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Were You Born Fat?!

Are Eating Habits Contagious

Debunking The Myth That “You were born fat…”

That’s the dangerous excuse many doctors and so-called “experts” give their clients to destroy the confidence in their own fat-burning ability.
By destroying your confidence, they can then sell you pills, expensive cleanses, medical devices… and even scary operations where they cut into your organs.
And just is scary is all the men and women whose confidence is so destroyed that they turn to disordered eating.
Well I’m standing up to the corporations and weight loss ‘marketers’ and once and for all to tell you that you are NOT born fat.

Who Is Really In Control?

And trust me – I have to remind myself every day that it isn’t genetic… that it doesn’t matter what any family member has struggled with.
It’s really quite liberating!
Genetics are a very funny thing.
Most people believe that they control your destiny.
In reality, they are controlled by your environment. But guess who controls your environment?
The food you put in your body.  The chemicals all around you.
The air you breathe.  The water you drink.
The wrong food, air, water, and chemicals will switch your genes into a fat storing mode, just like your mom and dad, grandma and grandpa, and the rest of your family. (If they only knew what I’m about to share with you, they wouldn’t have to be a victim to their genes either…)
The good news… this can easily be changed.
Just a couple small tweaks in your environment is all that separates you from being fat because of your genes to fat-burning machine.
Want to know a good place to start?
At the organ in your body that controls your metabolism…
Click here to see which organ to start with ⇐ click here
Understanding how your body works doesn’t require an MD or degree in nutrition. 
Unlike the shameless doctors who tell people they were born fat, my friend Dr. Charles helps you unlock the key to turning on your body’s fat-burning.
Find out how here.