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What Is The Best Tea For Weight Loss?

Best Tea for Weight Loss

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We all know that tea has an almost endless list of health benefits.
It is chock full of antioxidants, can contribute to cell protection, heart health, strong teeth, great skin, and so much more.
Not only that, but more and more research shows that tea can contribute to weight loss. Is there a better, all-natural, healthy, tasty, and slimming drink out there?

So, what is the best tea for weight loss?

There are three primary varieties of tea (black, oolong, and green), which are all derived from the same plant, Camellia sinensis.  The difference in these varieties of teas comes from the fermentation process.
So the question is, which resulting tea boosts your metabolism the most?
In a Japanese research study they asked this question. They wanted to know which tea, green or oolong, would increase your metabolism more?
Here is what they found. Within 120 minutes of drinking the tea, green tea boosted metabolism by 4%. Oolong tea, on the other hand, boosted the test subjects metabolism by more than 10%. That is almost 3 times more efficient at increasing your metabolism.
All three varieties of tea are beneficial to health, but the fermentation process for oolong produces a tea that has the highest concentration of polymerized polyphenols – more than black or green tea – making pure oolong tea the best tea for weight loss.

How does it work?

There are three primary ways in which Wu-Long Oolong Tea works:

    1. It boosts your metabolism and prevents fat absorption through its natural ingredients. Studies suggest that the high concentration of polyphenols present in Okuma’s Wu-Long tea actually increases the amount of calories your body burns.
    2. Contribution to the Fat Burning Process: A process called thermogenesis in the human body is introduced with the intake of Wu-Long tea. It is a process, which aids faster fat oxidation. Compared to the regular varieties of tea, the Wu-Long Oolong tea is known to burn more than twice the total calories from the human body.
    3. Caffeine is also a component of Okuma’s Wu-Long tea – an ingredient that has been proven to increase metabolism. Okuma’s Wu-Long tea actually has about one third the amount of caffeine that a cup of coffee has, yet leads to increasing energy metabolism. Research suggests that this is due to the combination with polyphenols, which are at higher levels in Wu-Long tea than any other tea.

It is the combination of these three factors that make our premium oolong tea the very best tea for weight loss.
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What are your experiences with weight loss tea?


  • Henry Williams
    April 23, 2013

    As someone who has lost weight and is finally winning the battle of the bulge, I thank you for this great post!

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