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Best Stress Busters

Let’s face it; it is nearly impossible these days to avoid stress.
It finds you at work, at home, and may even be hanging out with you when you are waiting in line at the grocery store.
It can cause sleepless nights, food binges, and – if left unchecked – can lead to a host of other physical and emotional issues.
So what can you do?
Here are some great stress busters:

Laugh It Off:

If you are feeling bogged down by stress try doing something to actively lighten the mood. Share some jokes with co-workers over lunch, watch a funny movie, or spend some time with your funniest friend. Both smiling and laughter have been proven to be beneficial to mood and lowering stress hormones.

Get Outside:

The benefits of this can be twofold. First, it can be helpful to step away from a stressful project or situation and give your mind a break. Second, taking a brisk 5-10 minute walk outside can get your blood flowing, give you a bit of exercise, and may boost your mood with vitamin D if it is sunny.

Sing Out Loud:

Stuck in traffic? Or just at home and need to blow off steam? Try cranking up your favorite tunes and sing along. Singing is good for your body and can quickly decrease stress. Want to make it even better? Dance!

Work It Out:

Exercise may be the ultimate stress-buster. It boosts endorphins and creates a sense of accomplishment. Ever heard of runner’s high? Well it’s a real thing. 20 -30 minutes of vigorous exercise can help to clear your head and chances are it will leave you feeling better than before.

Find Your Zen:

Whatever it is for you…find it. This can mean yoga, meditation, walking the dog, or simply curling up with a good book. One of the most important things that you can do is stop and find time for yourself. Moments of silence, moments of calm, moments of peace. These moments are essential to relax and recharge you.