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5 Exercises You Should Be Doing More Of…


5 Best Exercises You Can Do At Home Or In The Gym…

When it comes to working out, variety is the spice of life.

One of the most liberating things you can do for your body is to free it from long, boring workouts.

I love to run, but if the only thing I ever did to workout was run… well my Mind, Body, and my Will to workout might all suffer.
The truth is, you will often see better results with intermittent strength training versus focusing on one exercise exclusively.
But don’t worry – you don’t have to know 100 different exercises by heart.
Just remember these fabulous 5 best exercises and you’ll be set to build muscle and burn fat… even without a gym!

Why It’s Important To Switch Up Your Workout Routine…

For women worried about body fat, cellulite, or thigh fat, it’s tempting to hit the trails and focus on cardio, cardio, cardio.
But how often do you see women running with overweight thighs, hips, and bellies?
That’s probably because you’ve hit a plateau in your training… and therefore your results.
It’s critical to pepper strength-training into your workouts, as working out nothing but legs and forgetting, say, arms, can have negative effects on your training.
Plus, working out your entire body helps prevent injuries.
Sometimes the worst injuries occur to a portion of the body you have been ignoring in your training.

5 Workouts You Should Do More Of…


Upright Row

1.  ROWS

Rows are a pulling exercise that help you improve posture and balance in the body.
And if you’re looking to firm up your upper body for tank top season, this is just the exercise for you!
You can do upright rows or bended rows.


Upright Row

Upright rows are simple, pull your arms up just until your hands are just under your shoulder caps.
For bended rows, bend over slightly and don’t hunch your shoulders.
While keeping them tucked into your side, pull your elbows back.
Be sure to keep your torso straight without twisting, as this can lead to back soreness or even injury.


What’s the big deal about planks?
You’re pretty much just holding yourself in place for a minute or two…


Sideways and Forward Planks

Well… that’s not the entire story.
You see, planks are incredible for your core muscles, i.e. your tummy.
The big thing you must do with planks is keep straight as a board – i.e. resist twisting or flexing in any way.
This bodyweight exercise is also great for strengthening back muscles that support your lower spine.
You can do planks forward, sideways, or even while using exercise balls and dumbbells!


In case you haven’t noticed, squats are a bit of a ‘trendy’ Instagram exercise right now.



(Read:” butt-lifting exercise”…)
I first tried to do squats on vacation one time when I didn’t have time to hit a gym or take a jog.
…And like a crazy woman I did 100 of them.  Cold.  After not having done squats for about 10 years.
Needless to say, I struggled to walk for a week!
If you’re going to do squats, work your way up to the high numbers.
You’ll want to grab dumbbells or a kettle ball once they start getting too easy.
I’d start with just weightless squats and work your way from 20 squats by adding just five more per day.
Trust me, it adds up quickly!  And you’ll really start to see your thighs and butt firm up! 


Woodchops with Kettlebell

You can use a cable, exercise ball, or even a heavy purse for this exercise.
Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart.
Take your heavy object and move like you’re dropping it to the side, keeping your feet steadily in place.
Then make the movement of lifting the object from the ground to a shelf on the opposite side of your body.  You may repeat 10-15 times and try to do three sets; working up to a weight that is comfortable for you.
If you don’t have a kettlebell, try a purse with cans in it or a cable that’s attached to something low to the ground.
Beware: I’m one of the strongest, most in-shape people I know and I barely make it through 3 sets of 15 reps with a 20lb weight.
These may look easy – but they’re pretty intense!



Woman Doing Bridge

Bridges are a must-have exercise for your abs, hips, butt, and lower back.
Lie flat on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor, shoulder-width apart.
Lift your butt off the floor while pushing with your heels.
Squeeze your glutes and abs and hold for a few seconds.  Then take a few seconds to slowly go back to the floor.
There are a ton of different spins on this exercise, including putting your hands up or even raising one knee.

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