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Avoiding Weekend Weight Gain

Is your weight loss plan in jeopardy because of your eating habits over the weekend?
It is quite easy for people to follow the mindset of, “I have stuck to my diet all week, so I deserve a treat.” The problem is that it can be far too easy to lose control and go overboard when we decide to treat ourselves. Those all-you-can-eat weekend brunch buffets add inches to your waist faster than you would have imaged.
Here are some simple and effective ways to prevent weight gain over the weekend…

Stock up on healthy food:

If your pantry and fridge are not stocked with healthy diet friendly foods, you will have no other option but to eat whatever is within your reach and more often than not, it is unhealthy snacks that we reach out for. Drop in to the store and stock up on all the necessary diet friendly food on Fridays so that you don’t run out of it over the weekend.

Don’t skip, eat smart:

Going out with friends for a (non diet friendly) dinner this weekend? You can still avoid weight gain; just eat lighter food throughout the day. But make sure you don’t skip meals in a bid to save calories for eating out. Skipping meals will only make you hungrier, leading to overeating, thus piling up your calorie count.

Review the week:

Take some time out to review your diet journal and try to spot any diet mistakes you might have made. Weekends are probably the best time to review progress and identify areas of improvement. Reviewing your diet journal will also keep you motivated to stay on the diet over the weekend.

Keep yourself occupied:

It is quite easy to give into overeating as a way to keep boredom at bay, when you have nothing else to do. Get involved in activities which keep you occupied for longer periods. List out your hobbies and other activities you would like to try, such as going for a game of paintball or taking a hike down the mountain trails. You could even consider volunteering for causes close to your heart.