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Appetite Suppressing Foods to Aid Weight Loss

The hunger people associate with weight loss diets can seem daunting. It may even push people to go off their weight loss program completely. However, there are also many natural foods available that help to suppress appetite, which makes sticking to your weight loss diet program much easier. Just remember to pick foods which keep you full longer and are low in calories. Also, most people on a calorie deficit diet fail to continue with their weight loss program because they succumb to diet boredom, so make sure you don’92t forget to introduce variety in your meal plan. Here in this article we will look at some of the most effective natural appetite suppressing foods to help you lose weight.
Natural Appetite Suppressing Foods
Try out these natural appetite suppressing foods to help you lose weight.

    • Celery: According to studies conducted by Mayo Clinic, picking low energy density foods can help you control hunger. The energy density refers to the amount of calories in a given volume of a particular food. A candy bar will contain large amounts of calories so it has a high energy density. On the other hand, celery contains fewer calories even in large amounts. In fact, a bowl of celery has a calorie count of only 16. Such foods can work effectively for curbing hunger. Apart from that, the crunchiness and the subtle salty taste also provide satisfaction when dieting.
    • Lentils: Lentils have quite a few outstanding features which can help improve general health as well as aid weight loss. First of all, lentils are loaded with fiber which helps to keep you feeling full for longer and thus curb appetite. Lentils contain as much as 8gms of fiber in one serving. The fiber is soluble and helps in stabilizing blood sugar levels, thus preventing fat accumulation. Apart from fiber, they are also high in protein which also helps suppress hunger because of its slow rate of travel during digestion.
    • Zucchini: Another great low energy density food which can help curb appetite is zucchini. A single cup of zucchini packs only 20 calories. An interesting way of using zucchini is to use it as a pasta substitute.

Start including these appetite suppressing foods in your diet plan and you will notice a marked difference in your appetite. Apart from these, other foods which have a high fiber content will help curb appetite by making you feel satiated for longer.