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All That And A Bag Of Chips…

serving sizes

Image thanks to williac

Ever eat a whole bag of chips?
You’re just sitting in front of the television, minding your own business, watching terrible rich people on Bravo, when low and behold, that full bag you started with is nothing but tasty flakes stuck in the static of that metallic sack.
I know I have. I bet you just might have. At least once.
And it was so simple, so easy to do, you didn’t realize it was happening, or just how opposite of good it was for you.
See, there’s this thing called a “serving size.” It’s a tricky little bugger stamped above all the nutritional information you probably didn’t notice.
Want to know how much a serving of chips is?
One ounce.
Want to guess how many calories are in that serving?
About 150.
And a whole bag of chips, you know the ones, thats about 8 to 10 ounces. Need me to do the math for you?
About 1200 to 1500 calories.
That’s the bag of chips consumed in the forty three minutes plus commercials it takes an angry real housewife to plan and throw a lavish party for her poodle where she’ll fight all of her backstabbing friends who she herself has backstabbed.
I’m like, “wow.”
It would be fine if we followed those serving sizes. Or at least it wouldn’t be so bad, right?
Those serving sizes are put on there for a reason, and they often go ignored. Somehow, it’s become the custom to assume one container equals one serving for one person.
I gotta say that is a special kind of crazy to which I, too, have grown accustomed. And it’s a habit that desperately needs to be broken. It’s like wandering through a gate blatantly labeled “DANGER” and wondering why you’re stuck in a mineshaft surrounded by Rottweilers.
There’s that kind of sign on almost every item sold in a grocery store to tell you what’s in it. It’s like a law now, or something.
If you check out the nutritional information on any given package of food, you may find yourself surprised by what you find. The number won’t be what you’re used to, but that’s for your benefit.
See, serving sizes aren’t based on how much you’re willing to eat in one sitting; they’re what you should be eating. And if you want more than that, wait an hour. Then you can have another serving or maybe give that craving a chance to subside.
All the information you need is there on the bag, or box, or tub, in black and white. In English, even.
Did you ever think you could lose weight simply by exploring the world of reading? Makes ya think…