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Aerobic Breathing Exercises For Weight Loss

Did you know that with regular aerobic breathing exercises you can maintain your desired body weight?
It definitely sounds easy but you need to stick around the aerobic program for getting the visible results. You need to be patient and determined to continue the weight loss program for the rest of your life to stay in shape.

    • In the first step you need to inculcate a faith in the weight loss program. Shed all your inhibitions and jump start with a positive mind. The breathing techniques have shown positive results for centuries together
    • Maintain proper body structures. You need to sit up straight exhaling air from the lungs. Concentrate on the breathing process while you are exercising.
    • You need to remain focused while inhaling through your nose. Make sure you are not attempting to breathe from your mouth. Try to inhale huge amounts of air so that your lungs get filled with air. The lungs filled with air should feel ‘stretchy’.
    • Apply force while you are exhaling air from the lungs. You need to hold in between the aerobic breathing patterns. Though initially it might seem to be bit difficult, you will gain control over the exercise as you practice.
    • You need to pull your stomach in and there after roll the organs under the ribcage. This is very simple; all you need to do is pull the bellybutton towards the spine.
    • You need to hold the position for as long as you can. Repeat the procedures with ease, and make sure you are not straining while performing the weight loss aerobic breathing exercise. Repeat as many times possible and slowly increase the total number of times.
    • About 10 -20 breathes each day before light weight exercises can be immensely beneficial. Even if you are not planning to go for the light weight exercises, you can still practice the breathing exercises for deriving excellent benefits.

Keep yourself hydrated while you are exercising. Supplement the energy drinks and coffee with plain water or weight loss tea. There are different varieties of sliming tea such as the oolong tea, green tea, Wulong tea available which you can consume in between the exercising regimes. There are no limits to the number of times you can take the weight loss tea. A balanced diet with daily physical exercises can help to keep your weight under control.