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A Shocking Way People Are Healing From Acne…

Sandra Brown January 6, 2014 Testimonial
I received this incredible note the other day and I just had to share it with you:
Wow!  Notes like these absolutely make my week!
But let’s first dig in to why Wu-Long Slimming Tea can so powerfully clear your skin of blemishes…
Wu-Long Tea is very special.  It is a semi-fermented tea that ONLY grows in the Wuyi Mountaintops in China.
There are a plethora of studies showing that Wu-Long benefits those with Type II Diabetes, curbs obesity, and even makes you happier!
But one of the most highly researched effects of Wu-Long is it’s ability to banish blemishes.
How Does Wu-Long Fight Acne?
Wu-Long is loaded with antioxidants that assist with acne prevention.
These antioxidants fight skin irritations and inflammation.
Wu-Long Tea extracts can even fight off bacteria and viruses are behind your blemishes!
Another reason why Wu-Long fights acne may be because it flushes out bad cells under your skin and builds up healthier ones.
Wu-Long is chock full of Vitamins A, B, C and E… PLUS amino acids and antioxidants; which all work together in acne prevention.
While two cups a day is recommended to stir up weight loss in your body, you can drink up to six cups a day if you’re really looking to rev up your metabolism and fight acne.
A “Radical” Way Wu-Long Fights Acne
Have you heard of “Free Radicals” (since high school chemistry class?)?
Don’t worry – I’m not testing you.
But here’s a refresher:
Free radicals are substances we’re exposed to that become oxidized in the body.
You know about oxidization from Wu-Long, because it oxidizes fat: or erodes fat like rust seems to melt away at cars.
Well, we are exposed to free radicals through things like smoking, stress, chemicals in processed foods, or even UV rays.
These free radicals make you age more quickly both on the skin… as well as deep beneath the surface in your organs.
Scientists believe that free radicals cause your skin to show aging even before its time.
(Remember the pruned-looking woman you saw in Florida one time… the one who smokes and tans all day?  Yeah… free radicals at work…)
Now get that image out of your head and picture this:  Wu-Long actually helps rid your body of free radicals.
It helps you detoxify all the free radicals you’re exposed to all day.  The antioxidants in Wu-Long will eradicate many of those age-causing free-radicals.
Have you, like Sandra, witnessed the incredible blemish-banishing effects of Wu-Long?
Or are you still on the fence about witnessing the magnificent benefits of the energy-providing, blemish-banishing, belly-fat torching tea?
Well then check this out…
Oh yeah… and please don’t ever hesitate to email me at Stephanie@wulongforlife.com if you’ve had similar experiences to Sandra’s!

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