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8 Unusual Weight Loss Tricks…

8 Unusual Weight Loss Tricks
All right, so by now you know all that you really need to know about how to lose weight.
I will attempt to sound more like a scratched record than a broken one…but it ultimately comes down to calories in vs. calories out.
It’s that simple.
However, there are tips that can help you along the way…
Little things that you can do every day to boost your weight loss in ways you might not have thought of.
Here are 8 of my favorite “unusual” weight loss tricks:


Movement equals calorie burn, even just the little movements that you may not always consider. Fidgeting is actually a way to increase calorie expenditure every day. It may sound a little wacky, but research has actually shown that those who move around more can burn up to 350 more calories each day than those who don’t.


Sleep is a wondrous thing for the body, and frankly, most of us still aren’t getting enough of it. Now, 7-9 hours each night should be your goal for optimum health and weight loss, but naps can help too. If you are feeling exhausted midday, try catching a quick power nap. The extra sleep relieves stress, and can help to prevent you from overeating.

Get outside:

Many of us make excuses about not having enough time to exercise, but then we park on the couch in front of the television for a few hours each night. A great way to boost physical and emotional fitness is to spend more time outside. Even a short walk after dinner or on a lunch break can burn some calories and help clear your mind.

Plant a Garden:

There are two huge benefits to this tip. First, working in a garden (or any general yard work) is an excellent way to get exercise without “exercising.” Secondly, if you plant a garden, it is a magical experience to reap the benefits of eating what you grow. And, fresh herbs, fruits, and vegetables are obviously great for your health.

Eat at home:

If most of your meals are on the go or out at restaurants, eating at home a few more times each week can save your wallet and your waistline. At home you can control ingredients, cooking techniques, and portion sizes – all of which will help with weight loss.

Add spice:

Bland is boring. Never settle for bland, tasteless food. Not only are herbs and spices a great way to bump up flavor, but they are also good for you. People tend to eat slower when they eat spicy foods, which can help you realize when you are actually full. Also, many seasonings (cinnamon, cloves, oregano, etc) are rich in antioxidants, and spicy peppers can help to raise metabolism.

Make a progress chart:

Sometimes having a visual reminder of your goals can really be a great motivational tool. I highly recommend creating a chart or hanging a calendar in a place that you can see every day. When you work out put a gold star on the day (stickers are fun!), keep track of weight and measurements, and highlight the time period to reach your goals. If you don’t feel like making one, there are even plenty of printable versions available online for free.

Drink More Tea:

Okay, of course I’m a big proponent of this one…but it works! Oolong tea is a proven calorie free way to give your metabolism a boost (not to mention its many other health benefits). But where it can make a huge impact is if you use it to replace soda, coffee drinks, energy drinks, or other high calorie beverages.


  • Elsa vaned berg
    May 23, 2013

    Hi love all your emails with useful messages..so can I drink wulong tea whenever I want to and not just twice a day? Thanx Elsa

      • Karen rice
        May 23, 2013

        I have caffeine sensitivity so I find the capsules a great second choice. They are so convenient and “portable” when traveling. I do not feel any adverse effects from caffeine. Have been using the Oolong products for over 2 years, and am a believer. Have lost weight, and when not being on target it helps to maintain the progress made

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