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6 Simple Weight Loss Tips

Image thanks to Jeff Houck

Whether you are trying to lose a lot of weight, or just those last few pounds, every little bit helps.
Here are 6 simple weight loss tips you can do every day to help get you closer to your goal…

1. Drink up:

I can’t say it enough; hydration is key. It helps to fight hunger pangs, and is good for you in so many other ways. Try drinking a full glass of water before each meal and then more throughout the day. Make it easy by keeping a bottle nearby and refilling it as you go.

2. Make more food:

Sound counterintuitive? It’s not. If you are going to make a healthy meal, try doubling the batch so that you can portion it out for easy leftovers. Having pre-prepared meals handy means that you don’t have to put any thought into trying to put something together at the last minute. This can keep you from grabbing junk food or over indulging by eating out.

3. Swap your coffee, dump your soda:

There are so many better (low calorie) options. Switch out your morning latte for oolong tea at least a few times each week. Walk past the soda machine and grab some sparkling water. Make it feel fancier by adding a slice of lemon or lime. Pat yourself on the back.

4. Hide your scale:

I understand the desire to see progress, but being a slave to your scale can actually hinder you. Weight fluctuates naturally, and very little good comes from checking it every day. Store the scale away for a while and make the conscious decision to be healthy because it’s good for you, not because of a number. You may be surprised at what happens.

5. Eat intuitively:

There is an entire movement dedicated to this, and I think they have the right idea. The primary tenets are listening to your body, learning your triggers, and developing a healthy relationship with food. The easiest way to begin? Just listen to your body and your actual hunger cues. Try to make peace with food, eat when you are hungry, don’t berate yourself, and treat your body with respect.

6. Walk it off:

This is the time to stop making excuses. Get outside and walk. Check out your neighborhood, get to the park, or find a nearby hiking trail. Walking is the perfect way to be physically active and to reduce stress at the same time. You don’t need a gym membership or a yoga mat, just some comfortable shoes.
Weight Loss doesn’t have to be difficult. These 6 Simple Tips for Weight Loss should help you achieve your weight loss goals.