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4 Things To NEVER Leave The House Without (For Weight Loss)


I definitely travel more than pretty much anybody else I know.
It’s a fun, exciting life.  But being busy – especially away from home – can be deadly for your waistline.
Here are four things I NEVER leave the house without.  EVER.

1.  Nuts

Never leave the house without them.
Nuts are great if your gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, raw, or even a plethora of other food restrictives.
They’re easy to throw in a container and keep in your purse, and they’re perfect to add to restaurant salads or snack on individually when you want to add protein, energy, and incredible minerals to your diet.
I primarily keep almonds and walnuts on me – but occasionally get on a pistachio kick.
Remember – do NOT get the roasted nuts that are salty and generally full of preservatives – even MSG!
(Blue Diamond’s Wasabi Almonds – it was a sad day when we parted ways.)

2.  B-Fresh Xylitol Gum

I used to be a chewing gum FIEND.
Suffering since I was 5 from a severe oral fixation that included nail-biting, gum chewing – and even smoking for a few years in college! – I was once caught sleeping with gum in my mouth.  My sister remembers waking me and laughing as I began mindlessly chewing upon waking up.
These days – I try – HARD to avoid my favorite bubble gums like Orbit or Trident.
This is due to the presence of toxic aspartame in these gums.
I found an incredible product that was briefly in a health food store near me called “B-Fresh Xylitol Gum”.
If you can’t find B-Fresh in a store near you – just look for a Xylitol Gum that is free of the major artificial sweeteners – like Aspartame, Sucralose, and High Fructose Corn Sugar.

3.  Wu-Long Slimming Tea Bags

Nuts are incredible to keep with you when traveling… and many of them contain this wonderful weight loss-promoting compound : Polyphenols.
Polyphenol compounds are the same ingredients found in Okuma’s 100% Wu-Long Tea, and are the energy-producing, metabolism component that helps you LOSE WEIGHT from Wu-Long.
Of course – you won’t find as many polyphenols in sunflower seeds or other nuts as you would from Wu-Long… but I’ve got you covered!
Click here for a box of Wu-Long to start losing weight now.

4.  Wu-Long Slimming Tea Capsules

Sometimes you’re stuck traveling in a car or in a room without hot water.
You can still reap the SAME benefits of Wu-Long Slimming Tea in an even MORE potent and concentrated form.
Slimming tea capsules are also great for appetite-supression, which can help you make more wise choices when you’re traveling…
…And food choices while traveling are almost invariably limited.
Read more about the science behind these incredible capsules here.
To Your Health,