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4 'Get Real' Tips for Weight Loss

real tips for weight loss
I just saw an article headline about brides who are turning to a feeding tube diet to lose weight before their weddings.
I am honestly shocked that it has come to this. Shocked to consider the dangerous and drastic measure that some people will take to lose weight.
This got me thinking.
The information is out there. There are plenty of healthy and smart diet plans available. And yet we want the quickest fix.
None of us gain weight overnight….
Why do we believe it can come off that way?
Is it this obsession with an overnight solution that is ruining all of our diets?
Time to throw out the crazy and start getting smart.
Here are some of the top tips for getting real, and getting real results…

#1. Drink More Water

More often than you think, your hunger pangs may actually be caused by dehydration. In fact, most Americans are chronically dehydrated. Drinking a consistent amount of water every day will help you to feel more full and also keep you feeling alert and energetic. An added bonus: hydration actually boosts your metabolic rate and increases calorie burn.

#2. Get Moving

Let’s get really real: it hard to lose weight or to maintain weight loss without physical activity. The key is to do your best not to think of it as a chore. Instead, find exercises and activities that you enjoy and stick with them. What finally worked for me was scheduling lunch hour workouts. It’s the time of day that best fits my schedule and my energy levels, and now I hate it when I have to miss a day. Find what works for you, and then reap the rewards. Aim for 30 minutes of activity at least 5 days per week. It has been shown that even breaking it up into 10-minute increments is effective for fitness and weight loss.

#3. Small Changes Add Up

I will say this again and again because I have seen it work; small changes DO make a difference. Instead of getting crazy and jumping on board with some bizarre fad diet, try making realistic choices. Learn healthy food substitutions, eat more fruit and veggies, eat smaller meals more frequently, and add in a bit more physical activity each day. Over time these little changes will become habits that you will want to stick with for life.

#4. Stock Up Smartly

If there is a bag of corn chips in my cabinet I am going to eat it. Probably all in one sitting, and probably without thinking about it. The truth is that if your cupboards are filled with junk food it is far too easy to give in to temptation. Likewise, if you have nothing on hand, it is easy to decide to grab fast food or order in instead of making a meal. If you keep your kitchen stocked with healthy meal-ready staples and snacks, it will be much easier to eat well and stay on track.