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3 Tips To Keep On Track with Weight Loss During Weekends & Holidays

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Do you struggle to stay “on track” with weight loss while enjoying a party, vacation, or special occasion?
I’m writing from the Circuit of the Americas Racetrack where my friends and I have gathered to enjoy the Formula One Grand Prix in Austin, Texas.
And I’m surrounded with three straight days of parties, fan fests, and incredibly rich foods!
Here are three tricks I learned to stay “on the wagon” during F1

#1.  Start The Morning With Just 15 Minutes of Exercise

I don’t always have time to get my preferred 45 minutes of cardio out in the morning when I have a busy day ahead of me.
I found that an incredible way to keep on track during busy days is by starting the day with 15 minutes of squats, pushups, and situps.  (The pic above is me this morning 😉
I feel the burn in my tummy, my arms look pumped and sexy in photos – and it forces me to start the day focused on health – which keeps me from falling off the wagon when everybody around me is downing buffalo wings and beer like they’re going out of style.
Above is a pic I snapped of me at the gym this morning – getting on track before race day!

#2.  Make Exercise A Part of The Festivities

I have offered to give my friends ‘guided tours’ of the racetrack this weekend to keep me from mindlessly munching, drinking, or sitting stagnant in the stands at the racetrack this weekend.
Yesterday my friend The Betty Rocker and I hiked the entire 3.5 miles around the track.
The hills and gravel gave us an incredible burn in our legs, and we stayed away from the boozy scene in the stands for an hour or so.
Not to mention it’s more fun to explore than to remain stagnant in between qualifying rounds and races!

#3.  Carb-Craving ELIMINATOR

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Stay fit – and have fun!!