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3 Stupid Slimming Tips That Are Genius…

Image thanks to barryskeates

Little things mean a lot.
There’s that whole “butterfly effect” theory, (no, I don’t mean the Ashton Kutcher movie) which posits that the flapping of a butterfly’s wings can cause a hurricane somewhere across the globe.
Another way to illustrate how tiny steps can make a big impact is by looking at those Rube Goldberg devices from cartoons. You know the ones, where a bell startles a chicken that lays an egg that rolls down a track onto a skillet that trips a lever that spins a wheel and on and on and… or I could have just said “dominoes” and you’d know what I meant.
My point is if you start changing a bunch of little things, you may be surprised how big a difference those changes can make in the long run. Here are a few small things that can make a big impact:

Little Plates

We tend to fill our plates, no matter the size, which may be why French cuisine is so disturbing to Americans. So we like our big plates covered in our big meals and wonder why we get so… big. If you start with a smaller plate, logically the portions of your meal will be smaller, too.

Blue Plates

Oddly enough, color has an impact on your appetite. We like most of our veggies to be green, our meats to definitely not be green, and our milk chocolate to be a yummy, chocolaty color. Very few things that we eat are supposed to be blue. Because of this, blue tends to turn the volume down on our cravings.

Dressing On The Side

Maybe you start with the best intentions by getting a salad. Good so far.  There’s a plate full of beautiful leafy greens and ripe red tomatoes, soon to be completely covered by salad dressing, and never to be seen again. That kind of defeats the purpose of a healthy salad. Instead of dumping on a layer of salad dressing, which is probably made mostly of oil or cream, get it on the side. Dip your fork in it before getting a bite. You’ll still get the flavor without ruining all those good intentions.
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