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3 Reasons To Quit Your Diet Today…

quit your diet
There. I said it.
I think we all need to stop dieting. Right now. Before it ruins us.
I want you to learn about health. To want to feel better. To change your life. To give your body what it deserves…
Do it by educating yourself about nutrition, taking charge of your health, and making the changes that you know are best for you. Changes that will make you feel great, and ones that you can stick with for the rest of your life.
But not by dieting.
After all, how can anything that makes you feel miserable really help you?
Here are my top 3 reasons why dieting is just no good…

1. Unrealistic expectations

We live in a time in which we are promised so many quick fixes or overnight results. It is “instant” this or “easy” that. And this makes it almost impossible not to get roped into believing that you can and should be able to miraculously have the body you desire in a short amount of time (even though you know better). These unrealistic expectations can leave you frustrated, depressed, and set you up for feeling like a failure.

2. Guilt by association

There is something so much more powerful about saying that you have chosen to get healthy rather than that you are on a “diet.” Just the word itself makes most of us cringe and picture a life of naked iceberg lettuce leaves. Dieting means restricting, and restricting ourselves means that we create an antagonistic relationship with our food. We consider ourselves “good” if we stick to the plan and never falter, and “bad” if we slip up or overindulge.
The problem is that this state of mind makes it much more difficult to make positive changes. How can we live happily if we are constantly second guessing all of our choices?

3. Unsustainable options

A majority of the most popular fad diets are incredibly restrictive. Cutting out a massive amount of calories or an entire food group may cause some weight loss in the short-term, but what about the rest of your life? No fat, no carbs, or only ___ calories per day is NOT healthy, and nothing that can work for the long-term.
It is this lack of sustainability that causes cycles of yo-yo dieting, of weight lost and gained over and over again.
Here’s the thing…your weight loss goal IS attainable, it just won’t (and shouldn’t) happen overnight.  Avoid the gimmicks and the fads, and commit to being healthy.
Skip the diets and change your life.